FantasyDraft Bonus Code & Review 2019

When it comes to playing Daily Fantasy Sports these days, there are plenty of DFS sites to choose from with the market dominated by DraftKings and FanDuel.

So which site is the most user-friendly? The sites that offer payouts for a high percentage of the field in guaranteed contests and take a lower rake out of each contest is a great place to start. Enter FantasyDraft. is marketed as a user-friendly DFS site that’s currently offering big payouts without taking as much of a cut (rake) as the two giants. In fact, FantasyDraft prides itself on taking half the rake of those big DFS sites in H2H contests and some others.

The gameplay is similar to traditional DFS formats where the user constructs a roster of players


There are different levels of play on FantasyDraft in each sport. New users can begin to compete in Beginner contests before moving up to Intermediate contests. Users are advanced once they’ve competed in 50 contests of that type.

Like on most sites, there are 50/50, H2H, Leagues and big GPPs available for each sport on FantasyDraft.

A big draw for Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) contests at FantasyDraft is the fact that they set the minimum payout at the top 25% of the field. That means that a quarter of the field, at a minimum, will enter the “Payout Zone” and get paid. This is a departure from the norm and offers users a chance to experience getting ‘in the money’ more often.

The other big draw for players is FantasyDraft’s policy of taking a smaller rake on their head-to-head contests. For these contests, the money taken out is currently half what the ‘big two’ remove.

The interface on FantasyDraft makes it easy to enter multiple contests with the same lineup or edit lineups and split them off into different contests depending on the preference of the user.

FantasyDraft continues to improve its website and mobile app, drawing in more players and creating bigger and bigger prize pools.

Rules & Scoring

The scoring on FantasyDraft for NBA contests is very similar to that found on DraftKings. Players are given a 0.5-point bonus for each made 3-pointer, lose 0.5 points for every turnover, and receive bonuses for double-double and triple-doubles.

However, a player can only receive one of those bonuses. So if they gain the 3 FPs for reaching a triple-double, that bonus will replace the 1.5 FPs they earned for a double-double.

Scoring is similar to what you’d see at DraftKings in NFL contests as well. Bonuses are awarded for 300 yards passing, and 100 yards rushing or receiving. Fumbles only cost players -1 FPs instead of -2 FPs, which you see on some sites.

MLB scoring on FantasyDraft is similar to the other mainstream sites once again, with each run and RBI earning 2 FPs. Stolen bases earn 5 FPs and the older model is still in effect where players caught stealing are penalized -2 FPs. Pitchers earn 4 FPs for a Win, 2 FPs per K and 2.5 FPs for a complete game and a complete game shutout.

Multiple bonuses can be earned in NFL and MLB contests unlike in the NBA format. FantasyDraft also offers NHL and PGA contests.

Scoring revisions can occur based on reviews by the site’s third-party stats provider, STATS, LLC.

FantasyDraft App

Because success in DFS is becoming increasingly dependent on last-minute adjustments, sites with good mobile experiences are much preferred.

FantasyDraft recently released an app that is clean, intuitive and easy to use whether users are editing their lineups, entering contests for the first time, or following along live.

The APP is similar to the DraftKings or FanDuel mobile APP experience, with tabs at the bottom allowing users to navigate from the contest lobby, to their lineups. Editing lineups is relatively easy on this APP, which can allow users to sort their lineups and remove players in one or all lineups.

Deposits & Withdrawals

FantasyDraft offers deposit bonuses up to $600 with our exclusive link that is released at a rate of 4% (4 cents) for every $1 of contest entry fees.

There are frequent player points available on FantasyDraft termed, “Fantasy Cash” that can be used as currency to enter contests instead of using bankroll from a user account.

Withdrawals are processed via PayPal (allow 2-3 business days) or via check (allow 7-10 business days).

Can I Play at FantasyDraft?

FantasyDraft is available in much of the US. The states where you cannot play:

Washington State

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