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The WNBA’s popularity makes it one of the fastest growing professional sports leagues in the United States, and at online sportsbooks across the country, bettors are offered a huge range of markets to choose from for every game on the schedule.


Check out our WNBA betting previews which are available for every game and offer odds, stats, and trends to get you ready before tip-off! 



Moneyline betting is very straightforward and easy to understand, so it is the most common choice for novice bettors. It involves simply picking the winner of the game, regardless of the margin of victory. Each team is assigned a moneyline, with the favorite having a negative line and the underdog having a positive line.

Below is an example of what an WNBA moneyline may look like:

  • Seattle Storm -200
  • Los Angeles Sparks +170

When betting the favorite, think of the moneyline as the amount you’d have to risk to win $100. For underdogs, the moneyline is the amount you stand to win if betting $100. Once this is kept in mind, the math becomes simple no matter the amount you wish to wager.

The Storm are -200, meaning bettors will have to bet $200 to win $100 in profit on Seattle winning the game. On a smaller scale, that’s $100 to win $50, or $20 to win $10.

The Sparks are +170, so a $100 wager can win $170 in profit. A $10 bet would net $17 in winnings, and betting $50 could win $85. All moneyline bets include overtime unless otherwise stipulated.

Point Spread

Point spreads are incredibly popular when it comes to the WNBA, similar to NFL betting. Teams aren’t all equal in quality, and the spread is how oddsmakers level out the game from a gambling perspective. The spread represents the sportsbook’s projected winning margin for the favorite and losing margin for the underdog. An example would be:

  • Seattle Storm -5 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Sparks +5 (-110)

When betting favorites, the winning margin needs to be more than the number to ‘cover’ the spread. In this case, the Storm would have to win by six or more points to win a spread bet. Underdogs don’t need to win the game and can even lose by less than the spread and still win the wager. If Los Angeles loses by four or less, the Sparks still cover the spread.

With a standard -110 line attached to both sides, bettors would have to risk $110 to win $100 no matter their bet. While oddsmakers set many spreads at -110, these lines can range anywhere from -125 to +100 depending on the situation. If the favorite wins by the exact point spread, the bet is graded as a push and your original stake will be returned to your account, regardless of which side you take.

Totals (Over/Unders)

Betting on totals, also known as over/unders, involves picking whether the combined score of the game will go over or under a predetermined number set by oddsmakers. WNBA basketball has quite a bit of scoring compared to most other sports, even the college game, so totals are quite high.

  • Storm-Sparks Over 233.5 (-115)
  • Storm-Sparks Under 233.5 (-105)

The total is really self-explanatory. If the Storm and Sparks combine for 234 or more points, the over is a winner. If the final tally adds up to 233 or fewer points, the under hits. Similar to spreads, the juice for a total is likely to be in the -125 to +100 range.

In this example, we’ve shaded the juice toward the over to show an example of what you might see when you open your sportsbook app. At -115, betting Over 233.5 means risking $115 to win $100. On the other side, taking Under 233.5 only requires a $105 risk to win $100.

Prop Betting

Prop bets are wagers on in-game events excluding the standard moneyline, run line, and total, which are the three most conventional and popular basketball bets out there. Many WNBA props are centered around whether a specific player will reach a statistical milestone set by oddsmakers, though there are also many team and game props to choose from as well. Some of the options include:

  • Chicago Sky Team Total: Over 206.5 (-108), Under 206.5 (-118)
  • Jewell Loyd Three-Point FG Made: Over 2.5 (-130), Under 2.5 (+115)
  • LVA-NYL First Basket Scorer: A’ja Wilson (+350), Kelsey Plum (+500), etc.

The majority of props are simply over-under picks for in-game occurrences and player statistics. Depending on the market, some props have long odds and handsome payouts, while others have more conventional lines you see with spreads and totals. Most online sportsbooks offer dozens of prop markets for every single WNBA game, offering tons of unique ways to take in the action.

WNBA Futures Betting

Futures betting involves placing bets on markets that will be settled down the road. Many futures come with handsome odds and they also provide a rooting interest for much longer than a standard game does. While most markets are team-related, you can also place futures bets on players as well. The most common WNBA futures are the following:

  • WNBA Champion
  • Eastern/Western Conference Winners
  • Division Winners
  • Team Win Totals
  • To Make/Miss Playoffs
  • Player Awards (MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Scoring Champion, Rookie of the Year, etc)

Bettors should keep in mind that many futures markets remain open after the start of the season with updating odds based on the action that takes place on the court. Depending on the player or team you’re considering a bet on, odds could fluctuate throughout the course of a season. Certain markets, however, do close once the season begins.

If you’re on the hunt for the longest odds and the largest payouts, consider under-the-radar teams or go right for the high-paying markets like WNBA champion or WNBA MVP.

Live Betting

Live betting is the process of wagering on a game that has already begun, and it’s become wildly popular with the widespread growth of mobile betting. As a game progresses, sportsbooks will update the odds of the moneyline, spread, total, and certain props, allowing bettors to wager throughout the game. Live betting on the WNBA requires quick reactions, as quick trips up and down the floor can result in odds changing every few seconds.


Fade The Public: You hear this in every sport and while you shouldn’t blindly bet against a side that is popular, you should always be looking for situations in which going against the masses is the sharp play. One way to do this is to look for reverse line movement by tracking down public betting percentages. If the majority of the public is all over one team or side but the line moves in the opposite direction, that would be an example of reverse line movement.

Say the Wings are -6 against the Aces and because Chelsea Gray is out, the public is all over Dallas. But rather than the number growing to -6.5 or -7, it drops down to -5.5 or -5. This is an example of reverse line movement.

It’s never a guarantee, but this type of movement can be an indication that professional bettors are against the public. Even if this group represents a much lower percentage of bettors, this small group accounts for a ton of the money in the market, and sharps are far more respected by sportsbooks than the Average Joe.

Underdogs And Unders: This WNBA betting strategy ties directly into fading the public on many occasions. Again, this isn’t a call to blindly take all underdogs and unders. But it is a warning that favorites and overs can often be overvalued, and the less popular sides are many times the winning ones.

Most commonly, this will happen for nationally televised games in which a large audience is expected to tune in. More eyeballs on the game mean more casual bettors in the space. Recreational gamblers tend to side with the favorite and the over, almost without fail. This is because the Average Joe usually defaults to picking the ‘better’ team that oddsmakers label as more likely to win. When it comes to totals, casual bettors love nothing more than to root for points, especially in a basketball game.

For example, the Mystics could be a seven-point favorite on the opening line. But once the public gets a hold of that game, that number could be double digits by the time tip-off arrives. Oddsmakers could set a number at 227 but by the time the game starts, it could be at 235 because the game is on TNT and everyone who is watching started to put some money down.

A couple of points may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but that’s all it takes to turn a win into a loss when oddsmakers are oftentimes right on the money. Bettors lose a ton of closing-line value on favorites and overs once the masses place their wagers. So if you have a lean, try to do your research early and bet your favorites and overs before the market prices you out of the right number.

WNBA Prop Betting: The WNBA is one of the most popular sports to bet on, which means oddsmakers are constantly fine-tuning the moneyline, spread, and total of every single game. Basketball lines are ‘tight’ and sometimes, there’s more value in markets that aren’t poured over so closely.

We’re talking about props. There are dozens of options with hundreds of individual bets that can be made for every game. Betting over or under on a player statistics is by far the most popular way to wager on WNBA props, but you can also focus on an individual team, a specific portion of the contest, or some kind of in-game event.

Many player props are accompanied by a line that is around the same as spread or total (+100 to -125), but some can be much more volatile depending on the market. The highest-paying props involve markets that can be much harder to predict including specific winning margins and the first basket scorer of a game.

The point is, these markets are much less popular and there can be much more value on some of these bets compared to the conventional ones everybody is making.

Bet According To The Schedule & Injury Reports: The WNBA schedule can be harsh at times throughout the season and it’s imperative to know whether the team you’re betting on or against is at a scheduling disadvantage.

Fatigue is definitely a factor during the WNBA season. All teams are forced to play a certain amount of back-to-backs and three games in four nights. These are typical situations in which bettors would target the opposite side.
Another example would be at the end of a lengthy road trip when the away team just wants to get home. These situations are incredibly tough, and they often come with lineup changes to be aware of. They can also come with players sitting out due to rest or injury.

Speaking of players sitting out, there are plenty of roster changes night-to-night due to injuries. Being aware of who is available and who isn’t can help explain why the line has arrived at its current position. Placing bets without all the information is never recommended.

Bankroll Management: This is absolutely crucial if you want to be successful in gambling on basketball, or any sport for that matter. Conventional wisdom estimates that gamblers who win 53% of their straight bets are successful, with the best-case scenario sitting somewhere around a 60% success rate.

You can’t expect to win every wager, but if you manage your expectations and your wagers wisely, you can stay afloat and avoid having to deposit again into your account.

Not everyone plays with the same stakes, so we often refer to wagers in “units” that represent a tiny percent of a bettors’ bankroll. Sticking with a consistent bet in terms of units can help you track your wins and losses and determine where you’re succeeding or failing as a bettor.

To conservatively manage a bankroll, consider a flat one unit on every play, or only consider an increase for plays in which you’re more confident, regardless of previous results.


DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings has been one of the biggest names in sports betting for a while now, and it now operates in over a dozen states across the country. Known for its huge range of betting markets, ongoing list of promotions, and generous welcome bonus, DK remains a go-to destination throughout the WNBA season.

New customers can receive a welcome bonus up to $1,200 at DraftKings. That consists of a $50 bonus bet handed out once you deposit into your new account, but it also includes a 20% deposit bonus up to $1,000 on your very first investment into the site!

For every game on the schedule, bettors have dozens of markets and hundreds of options to choose from.  And throughout the WNBA season, DraftKings gears a seemingly endless stream of promotions toward basketball bettors, including frequent 33% parlay profit boosts!

FanDuel Sportsbook

In the pantheon of sportsbook brands, FanDuel sits beside DraftKings as an industry leader in double-digit states. As legalized wagering spreads across the United States, so too does FanDuel, and WNBA bettors flock to FD on a daily basis during the season.

FanDuel is another sportsbook with a truly massive catalog of betting options to choose from for every game on the WNBA slate each day. There are dozens of props, some unique to FD, and live betting on this platform is easier than any other. The layout of the app and the ease in which we can place in-game bets can’t be underrated when we’re talking about the WNBA.

Although many sites have adopted it, FanDuel was first with the same-game parlay feature. It instantly became incredibly popular among the WNBA betting public and remains so to this day. FanDuel frequently offered promotions to those wagering on basketball SGPs, which essentially means bettors could be refunded in site credit even if they lose.

New bettors can receive a no sweat first bet up to $200 when they sign up, in addition to some other advantageous deals that are offered once you go to place your first bet.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has always been a huge name in the entertainment industry, but the act has been brought to sports betting and it’s a massive success. As sports betting continues to spread across the United States, BetMGM has established itself as another premier option in over a dozen states.

The first thing to note about BetMGM is that it has nearly as much for bettors to choose from as DraftKings and FanDuel. In fact, it has unique options that the other two don’t even offer. It also has a wide range of moneyline and spread/total parlays for many sports including WNBA, and the odds can oftentimes exceed what is offered in the same-game parlay feature on FD or DK.

Those with new BetMGM accounts can receive a $1,000 bonus bet when first signing up and bettors can also enjoy promotions including parlay boost and weekly bonus bets.

Caesars Sportsbook

In its current form, this is a product of a merger between two of the biggest names in their respective industries. When William Hill and Caesars came together to form the new Caesars Sportsbook, you just knew this was going to be one of the most popular sites in the space.

Caesars, similar to the above sportsbooks, offers a massive catalog of betting options for all sports, but especially WNBA. Bettors have access to dozens of different prop markets and may even find some better prices compared to some of the other big-name operators.

Bettors can earn up to $1,250 on Caesars by signing up before taking advantage of an expansive list of promotions. This includes reload bonuses for existing customers, a large number of odds boosts, and more!

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