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DRAFT Daily Fantasy App Review 2024

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For those daily fantasy sports enthusiasts leading busy lives, DRAFT Fantasy offers a truly mobile experience that makes it easy to compete in DFS contests while on the go.

DRAFT, recently acquired by gaming giant Paddy Power Betfair, is a DFS platform that exists primarily on their mobile app, making it the first truly mobile fantasy sports game in the DFS industry. DRAFT also recently acquired and rebranded their domain from PlayDRAFT.com to DRAFT.com.

Instead of drafting and editing your team to stay under the salary cap, players alternate picks in H2H contests or snake through drafts if there are multiple users in a contest. Gamers can pick any player available in the pool as there are no salaries assigned to individual players, eliminating ‘budget crunches’ found at some of the other DFS providers.

Once you draft your team on DRAFT, there is nothing to do but sit back, fire up the games, and wait for the results.

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Contest Formats

DRAFT offers a variety of options from H2H contests to 3,4,6, or 10 person drafts.

There are also “Dream Team” contests with Guaranteed Prize Pools in which up to 56 users select 5 different players and go for the highest score without going through the draft process. Instead, users can select ANY 5 players from the available pool in an effort to assemble a better 5 player team than the other 55 users.

DRAFT recently launched the popular ‘best ball’ format for fantasy football. Best ball is all about the draft. Once you assemble your 18 man team, that’s it! The app automatically takes the score from your highest scoring players each week. No setting lineups each week. No waiver wire bids. No silly trade offers from folks in your league. Just draft your team and let DRAFT do the rest.

You can also create your own League on DRAFT in which you can set up the number of entrants, buy-in cost and draft time, which is a great way to set up a contest with friends.

There are private friends contests and Beginner contests, as well as Expert contests that match players depending on the skill of each DFS user.


Clearly a huge part of the process on DRAFT is actually drafting. Most contests are organized based on “Snake Drafts” in which the last pick of the first round earns the first pick of the second round and so on. Ex: user 1, user 2, user 3, user 3, user 2, user 1, user 1, etc, etc.

Each user gets 20 seconds to make a selection, however, if you know you won’t be on top of your selection, you can queue up the players that you hope to select to avoid an “Auto-Draft” after time expires. If you fail to set up a queued player the app will simply select the top-rated option on the board.

Once the teams are selected, it’s easy to simply sit back at wait for the games to begin on a given slate. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, such as a postponement, injury or trade, DRAFT will let you swap out that player to make sure you have a valid lineup.

In order to help out DFSers, the app can send push notifications to your mobile device whenever a player is eligible for a swap due to one of those circumstances.

Users who feel that they’ve drafted a good H2H roster can also Auto-Enter multiple H2H contests by selecting a tab at the bottom of the DRAFT Lobby. Simply set your rankings according to the players that you selected and the App will enter you automatically into more contests in which you can draft similar teams without going through the process manually once again.

Rules and Scoring

The scoring on DRAFT is similar to the DFS standard for most main sports. For example, MLB is scored where a single is 3 points, double is 6, RBI is 2, Strikeouts are worth 1, whereas every ER allowed is -1 for a pitcher.

Similarly, in NFL contests the scoring is the standard in which passing TDs are 4 points, rushing or receiving yards are 0.1 points per yard and rushing or receiving TDs are 6 points.

As is required by law in DFS contests, rosters must contain players from at least 2 different games.


It’s easy to deposit and withdraw on DRAFT, which accepts both credit card and PayPal for transactions. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Overall, the prize pools aren’t as big on DRAFT as they might be on DFS titan sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. Given that DRAFT is a completely different user experience and format, it could easily compliment your play on one of the more traditional daily fantasy sites.

There are also H2H brackets available nearly every day with big guaranteed prize money for those who can beat several opponents, thus emulating the similar formula of seasonal fantasy sports in streamlined fashion.

Draft Fantasy App Review for iOS & Android

The DRAFT app is extremely easy to use and free to download. There are tabs differentiating each sport and an easy to browse contest lobby in which users can select from different contests.

Scoring updates are available on the app with live projections and leaderboards in which you can see how your team is faring against the competition.

The app makes it easy to double check results and see your drafts prior to contests going live in case any changes are possible. It’s easy to find contacts and invite your friends to play on DRAFT via email, text, or social media.


DRAFT seems to be where DFS meets social media in terms of its accessibility and inclusiveness.

It’s easy for friends to compete together and track results, and it really keeps the conversation going around sports while adding a little bit of action to spice things up.

For those looking to make money, but not necessarily to add to the stress of 6-7pm lineup adjustments, it’s a great way to simply draft in the afternoon and forget all about your roster until it’s time to track the scores later that night.

It’s a new unique way to play DFS and the folks at NYC-based DRAFT should only continue to innovative their new platform and app.

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