Super Bowl Betting: How To Bet Online On The Super Bowl

The 2020 Super Bowl will kick off at 6:30 pm ET on Sunday, February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.

Records will be broken before the players even step foot on the field. Last year, it’s estimated that $325 million was bet on the Super Bowl at legal sportsbooks in the US.

This year there are even more legal and regulated sports betting states ready and able to take Super Bowl 54 bets. Early estimates call for last year’s legal total to grow by at least another $65 million.

Add it up and that’s a rough estimate of just under $400 million bet on Super Bowl LIV at legal US sportsbooks.

Best US Online Sportsbooks to Bet on Super Bowl

As the legal online sports betting industry grow the number of places to bet on the NFL online increases. Currently you can bet online on the Super Bowl in 8 US states:

You don’t need to live in those states to be eligible, either. You simply need to be physically within state borders and be of proper legal age to place a bet.

That means if you live in New York City or Chicago, for example, and you want to bet at a legal online sportsbook you can easily pop over the border on game day to make your Super Bowl bets.

You can also set up your account and make deposits/withdrawals from your home state. We’ve put the different online sportsbook operators in key states through the paces to see who brings what to the table. Here are a few of note:

Top Betting Apps for Super Bowl 54

The best apps to use for Super Bowl betting vary depending on your location. Not all operators are available in every market. Here are the best apps in four legal online betting states:

New Jersey Super Bowl Betting

New Jersey was at the forefront of legalized sports betting and wasted little time getting up and running once legislation passed. Retail sportsbooks began popping up in NJ in the summer of 2018, and the online rollout quickly followed.

Super Bowl LIII was the first edition of the Big Game available to be bet on legally in NJ, and it’s estimated that $100 million in wagers came in. This year, that number will climb as there are even more places to legally wager in NJ, both in-person and online.

Part of the reason for the explosive growth of sports betting in NJ is its proximity to New York City. Mobile sports betting isn’t open in New York yet, but a car ride over to the FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands or down to one of the other operators at Monmouth Park Racetrack or in Atlantic City takes care of that.

Here are the best apps for betting on Super Bowl LIV in NJ:

Pennsylvania Super Bowl Betting

Pennsylvania wasn’t too far behind NJ in jumping aboard the sports betting train. Retail sportsbooks debuted in the latter part of 2018, but the online and mobile rollout didn’t take place until the following year. Today, business is booming in the PA sports betting market, both on the brick-and-mortar front and online.

Here are the best places to bet on Super Bowl LIV from your phone in Pennsylvania.

Indiana Super Bowl Betting (including betting from Chicago)

It took the state of Indiana a little longer to sports betting get up and running. Retail sportsbook operations began in September 2019, and the online rollout took place the following month. The extra time was clearly well spent, as the industry is off to a great start in Indiana.

In addition to residents of the Hoosier State now having legal sportsbooks to bet in-person and online, folks from the neighboring Chicago market are also just a car ride away as they wait for Illinois sports betting to launch.

Here are the top apps to bet on Super Bowl LIV from Indiana.

West Virginia Super Bowl Betting

West Virginia has been an interesting case study among the states which adopted sports betting quickly. The retail operations were able to get up and running without a hitch, but there were some kinks to work out on the mobile side.

In fact, online options went dark for awhile in the Mountaineer State, but that’s no longer an issue. The kinks have been dealt with and residents have some solid mobile options.

Here are the best places to bet online in West Virginia for Super Bowl LIV.

2020 Super Bowl: Date & Time

Event: Super Bowl LIV
Date: February 2, 2020
Kickoff Time: 6:30 PM ET
Stadium: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL
Capacity: 64,000
Broadcasters: FOX (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman)
Halftime Performers: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Super Bowl 2020 Free Contests

As anyone who works in an office knows, even those with a passing interest in sports get caught up in the Super Bowl hype.

Playing off of the office pool vibe, free Super Bowl contests are a popular entry point for online sportsbooks. In the new legal sports betting environment they make for a great way to attract a whole new crowd of potential bettors.

For 2020 both FanDuel and DraftKings have returned with free games that proved to be quite a hit.

On FanDuel, it’s a $25,000 Big Game Bingo game which is still completely free to play.

Find your free card in the “free games” tab. The squares are populated with various events that may or may not happen during the game. As the events happened in real time, users who had the corresponding square would see their cards updated. Users who got bingo on their cards were eligible for real prizes.

Over on DraftKings, the popular ‘$54,000 Super Bowl Squares’ contest attracts a lot of attention. Users pick out a square, but the numbers corresponding to their selection aren’t revealed until after the game begins. At the end of each quarter the last digit of the scores for each team are matched to the corresponding squares; users with the winning squares win cash prizes.

2020 Super Bowl Odds

Official game lines for Super Bowl LIV have been out for almost two weeks and not much has changed. Here’s what the Super Bowl LIV odds look like as of Jan. 31 on both DraftKings and FanDuel.

  • Kansas City Chiefs -1.5
  • San Francisco 49ers +1.5

The Chiefs are red-hot over the last few weeks and attracting lots of attention in the media but that doesn’t mean they’re a lock to win Super Bowl LIV. And as the narrow spread indicates, the Niners defence can slam the door on anyone.

If you happen to see favorable odds on a squad you think can get hot on any given Sunday, get your bet down on that outcome before the odds change.

Super Bowl MVP

Once game lines for Super Bowl LIV are released you also have the clearest odds on the potential MVP of the Big Game.

In this case, the Super Bowl MVP market leans slightly towards the favorite Kansas City Chiefs. If we take a look at the current Super Bowl MVP odds on DraftKings you can see offensive players dominate the top:

  • Patrick Mahomes QB +115
  • Jimmy Garoppolo QB +225
  • Raheem Mostert RB +900
  • George Kittle TE +1600
  • Travis Kelce TE +2000
  • Tyreek Hill WR +2000

If we look back over the last 10 Super Bowls, here is the position breakdown for players who won the MVP award.

  • Quarterback, 7 times
  • Linebacker, 2 times
  • Wide Receiver, 1 time

QBs have a great chance of taking down the MVP award if they have a great performance, but don’t be shy about looking for a potential show stealer from the other positions.

Super Bowl Live Betting

Live betting, or “in game” betting, is an area of the sports betting industry which continues to grow exponentially. In a nutshell, users are no longer limited to getting their bets in before the game gets underway.

Live betting lets you place bets in real time as the action unfolds. For example, once a game has kicked off, users may find options for things such as:

  • Highest scoring team for the second half of the game
  • Most rushing yards
  • Which team or player scores the next touchdown, etc

During Super Bowl LIV there will be dozens of live betting opportunities available.

DraftKings and FanDuel are among the operators who have made live betting a big focus. Therefore, you can be certain that you won’t be lacking for ways to get in on the action after the game has already kicked off.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Prop bets are a huge part of the attraction for the Super Bowl. These are individual bets on events and situations that may or may not occur during the course of the game.

They’re available for every game on the NFL docket, but operators really go above and beyond with options for the Big Game.

For example, you’ll see prop bets available for things such as:

  • The winning side of the coin toss (heads or tails)
  • The length of the national anthem performance (over or under a designated benchmark)
  • The color of the Gatorade which will be poured on the winning coach

Fun bets such as these attract tons of attention, as do many of the standard prop bets. Some of the more popular ones revolve around:

  • First team to score
  • Margin of victory
  • Type of scoring play for the game’s first points
  • Leading team at the end of any of the first three quarters
  • Total number of points in the first or second half
  • First player to score in the game
  • First player to score a touchdown
  • Quarterback over/under for yards thrown
  • Running back over/under for yards rushed
  • Wide receiver over/under for yards caught

and so on.

Standard Bets on Super Bowl

Live bets and prop bets are enjoyable and will attract a ton of attention, but the star of the show for old-school sports bettors remains the signature betting types. Here’s a rundown of the standard betting options which will be available for Super Bowl LIV.

Super Bowl Point Spread

In this bet, you’re figuring out which side will win the game and by how much. Oddsmakers install a certain amount of points on one side or the other in a bid to even out the action.

Using Super Bowl 53 as an example, the New England Patriots were favored by 2.5 points over the Los Angeles Rams. For bettors who chose the Patriots, they needed them to win by a margin greater than 2.5 points to cover the spread.

For Rams bettors, they could still lose the game by anything less than 2.5 points and still cover the spread. The Patriots won the game by a score of 13-3, so New England bettors cashed while Los Angeles bettors hopefully enjoyed the game.

Super Bowl Moneyline

For these bets, bettors are simply deciding who will win and placing their bets accordingly. Odds will vary based on the side chosen.

Those who bet on the favored side will generally see less of a potential return, while bettors on the underdog have a chance to get more bang for their buck.

These are the most simple and straightforward of bets for Super Bowl LIV, not to mention a great way for those new to betting to get involved.

Super Bowl Over/Under (Totals)

These bets revolve around the projected total of a game. When game lines are released, oddsmakers will also unveil a projected total which can be bet on.

Bettors decide if they like the total to go Over or Under the benchmark. For Super Bowl LIII, many operators had the Over/Under at 56 points.

The Patriots and Rams combined for a grand total of 16 points, so those who bet on the Under wound up pretty pleased with the results.

Super Bowl Betting Trends

As you prepare to place your bets on Super Bowl LIV, looking at results from Big Games of the past should be part of your research routine. While poring over each and every box score from the previous 53 Super Bowls isn’t necessary, understanding the overall trends can be helpful. Let’s take a look at some of the major ones.

  • The NFC leads the AFC in all-time Super Bowl wins by a margin of 27-26
  • Favorites are 35-17 straight-up (one pick’em spread)
  • Favorites are 26-25-2 against the spread
  • Over/Unders are 27-24-1 in favor of the Over (no total for Super Bowl I)

Of those four pieces of intel, the most convincing one comes from the number of times the favorite has won outright. That said, the underdog has won in six of the last 10 Super Bowls.

Super Bowl DFS Contests

For fans of NFL DFS, there’s a lot to love about recent developments. Just a few years ago, DFS contests were required to be run with at least two games. That meant no DFS for the Big Game. However, it’s a different story these days.

The advent of single-game – or showdown – DFS means that fantasy players can play right along with Super Bowl LIV. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest DFS operators, and both offer massive contests with huge prize pools for the Super Bowl.

  • On DraftKings it’s the $4M Super Bowl Millionaire.
  • On FanDuel it’s the $3M Big Game Bowl

Both have $1M first-place prizes for the winners. And unlike traditional DFS, you won’t need to select a complete lineup.

For FanDuel’s Super Bowl DFS contest, there are just five lineup spots to fill with one being a ‘MVP’ who will receive 1.5x fantasy points for their performance.

For DraftKings’ Super Bowl DFS contest, there are six spots with a captain who receives 1.5x for their output.

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Super Bowl DFS on Monkey Knife Fight & Prize Picks

Beyond the big players on the scene, there are some new operators who have introduced a new spin on traditional DFS and gained a lot of traction while doing so. Monkey Knife Fight and Prize Picks are two of those operators.

Both companies debuted in 2018 with a new concept which is essentially a hybrid of DFS and prop betting. As opposed to building out lineups under a salary cap model, users are presented with various scenarios to look over, such as whether or not a player will achieve a certain benchmark during the course of a game.

Since prop betting is such a huge part of the total money wagered on the Super Bowl annually, it’ll be interesting to see what these new players will have to offer for Super Bowl LIV.

Super Bowl DFS Strategy

Single-game DFS can be tricky, and much of that is attributed to the condensed player pool.

As opposed to a full slate of games which offers plenty of options at each position, every user is choosing from the same exact players to build out their lineups.

While the number of options available is limited, many of the tried and true principles of DFS still apply. You’ll still want to find the players who have the best matchups.

For example, if one side has a very tough time in the secondary, then opposing wideouts should be at the top of your list.

The same goes all the way down the line. In fact, it can be helpful for single-game DFS to go down on a position-by-position basis to determine which side has the edge – or weakness, for that matter.

Additionally, be sure that you are considering the entire player pool. Yes, that means even the players at the bottom of the salary list. In fact, there can be some very enticing options available on single-game DFS who are offered at minimum salary.

Placing one of these well-researched plays in your lineup can free up a ton of cap space to be used elsewhere.

Last but not least, be particularly mindful about who you are placing in the captain or MVP position. To really make some noise in a massive GPP, you’ll need a little differentiation here to help separate your lineup from the pack. That said, be careful about being too cute.

Good plays are good plays, so don’t overthink it too much. However, if you’re seeing something that few others are seeing – such as one of the defenses having a chance to go off, for example – don’t be afraid to pull the trigger and give it a shot.

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