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Welcome to our Monday Night Football betting page! Here, we will provide up-to-the-minute odds plus analysis and predictions for every MNF game to help you close out each week of the National Football League season on a positive note! Online sportsbooks are known for offering a wide range of betting options for every NFL game, and that includes the Monday Night Football matchup.

Monday Night Football Odds & Betting Preview

Each week throughout the NFL regular season (plus Wild Card Weekend), this section will be dedicated to displaying odds and providing a betting preview of the upcoming Monday Night Football matchup! Check out our NFL previews and predictions each week for all you need to know about betting on MNF!

For additional information on the upcoming matchup – including further game analysis, betting trends breakdown, betting tips specific to MNF, and a synopsis of the history of the line movement for the game, please see our MNF betting preview at TheLines.

2024 MNF Best Bets | Betting Picks For Monday Night Football

Following our preview of the game, this section will feature weekly betting picks for the upcoming Monday Night Football game!

2024 NFL Betting Odds

Monday Night Football Betting

The 2021 Monday Night Football schedule starts in Week 1 and runs through Week 17, with every Week 18 matchup being played on Sunday. Monday Night Football broadcasting rights have belonged to ESPN since 2006, with the newest television deal stretching until 2033.

For bettors, MNF holds an especially significant place. It’s the premier primetime game on the NFL schedule and the final opportunity to wager on pro football for the week. Each and every one of those 17 Monday Night Football games are popular among the betting public, and online sportsbooks see many of their largest individual game handles on Mondays.

How To Bet On Monday Night Football

When it comes to Monday Night Football betting, the process is similar to any other game that would take place on Thursday or Sunday. There is a huge range of betting options to choose from, with the most popular ones being the conventional moneyline, spread, and total.

MNF Moneyline Betting

Moneyline wagers are simply bets on which side will win a game. The final score doesn’t matter; all that needs to happen for you to earn a profit is for the team you choose to win the game. An example would look like this:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -150
  • New Orleans Saints +125

The favorite has a negative moneyline while the underdog has a positive moneyline, and the most efficient way to calculate how much you stand to win or lose is to base the line off the number 100.

With favorites, the moneyline is what the bettor must risk to win $100 in profit. Tampa Bay is the favorite in our example at -150, which would require a $150 risk for $100 in winnings if the Bucs are victorious.

For underdogs, the moneyline represents what the bettor can win with a $100 bet. The Saints are the underdog here at +125, and a $100 wager could net $125 in profits with a New Orleans win.

MNF Point Spread Betting

The point spread is a figure set by oddsmakers that acts as a hypothetical margin of victory for the favorite, or margin of defeat for the underdog. Because all NFL teams aren’t equal in quality, oddsmakers attach point spreads to even out the game for bettors.

The spread tells us how much a team can win or lose by and still ‘cover’ the number and win the bet. Favorites must win by a larger number of points than the spread indicates while underdogs can lose by a lesser number than the spread and still win your bet. Here’s an example:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5 (-105)
  • New Orleans Saints +2.5 (-115)

In this example, the Buccaneers are favorite at -2.5 (-105). If you were to place a bet on Tampa Bay, you’d need them to win by at least three points and it would require a $105 risk to win $100. If betting on the Saints +2.5 (-115), bettors still cash their ticket if New Orleans loses by two points or fewer, and can win $100 in profit by laying out $115.

In the event the spread is a whole number and the favorite wins by exactly that amount, the bet is a push and sportsbooks will ‘void’ the wager. Spread bets on both sides will be returned to the original account balance. Point spreads tend to start around -110 but can range from -125 to +100 depending on the situation.

MNF Over-Under Betting

Betting on over-unders, also known as totals, involves deciding whether the combined score between both teams will go over or under the predetermined total set prior to the game. For example:

  • Buccaneers-Saints Over 51.5 (-110)
  • Buccaneers-Saints Under 51.5 (-110)

Taking the over means risking $110 to win $100 on the final score of the game combining for 52 points or more. Taking the under would require 51 or fewer points to win the bet while risking $110 to win $100.

Totals are similar to spreads in a few very important ways. For starters, the exact over-under will be the same for both sides, any differences will come from the juice accompanying the total. Most over-unders begin around -110 but can range from -120 to +100, just like spreads.
If a total is a whole number and the combined score is that exact amount, the bet is graded as a push for the over and the under.

Monday Night Football Props

Proposition bets, more commonly known as props, are a huge part of the NFL betting landscape. This is never more true than during a standalone prime-time game such as Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Monday Night Football. With only one contest on the schedule and so much of the public betting market (in addition to sharps) eying the moneyline, spread, and total, props can be a valuable resource for both profits and entertainment.

Props can be classified as nearly any wager outside of the full-game moneyline, spread, and total. Most props aren’t associated with the ultimate result of the game, although some are centered around the final score in some way.

Online sportsbooks have a huge catalog of player, game, and team props, with hundreds of betting options scattered across dozens of markets. Big-name operators such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM (among others) are known for their variety of prop offerings.

MNF Player Props

Player props are likely the most popular option among bettors. Many player props are based on individual statistics and are easily relatable for anyone who is familiar with playing fantasy football in any capacity. Some of the options include:

  • Touchdown Scorer (First/Last, Anytime, Halves)
  • Passing/Rushing/Receiving Yards
  • Pass Attempts, Completions, & Receptions
  • Longest Completion, Reception, & Rush
  • Head To Head Matchups (Most Rushing/Receiving/Passing Yards)

Bettors looking for the longest odds possible are likely to focus on a touchdown scorer and may even pick the very first one of the game for an even more enhanced payout. Many player props are simple over/unders with juice that won’t look much different from a standard moneyline or spread.

MNF Game Props

Game props, as you can imagine, focus specifically on in-game events. They aren’t geared toward a specific player or team, but other aspects of the game. Take the following examples:

  • Quarters & Halves Moneyline, Spread, & Total
  • Winning Margin
  • Longest Made FG/Longest TD Scored (Yards O/U)
  • Total Made Field Goals/Touchdowns Scored (Halves, Full Game)

The most lucrative game props out there involve picking the winning margin or even the exact score, though the latter is near impossible in many cases. Predicting the longest or total number of field goals/touchdowns, expect lines similar to what we see for spreads and totals.

MNF Team Props

Team props, another self-explanatory category, includes markets directly related to just one team. The most popular option is team totals, but there are several others to choose from:

  • Team Totals (Quarters, Halves, Full Game)
  • First Team To X Points (10, 15, 20, 25, etc.)
  • Halftime/Full Time Result

Among team props are some lesser-known options that can provide a unique game-viewing experience, including Halftime/Full-Time Result and picking which team will win a race to a certain number of points. There’s also the option of selecting neither team to reach a certain point total, making these bets a three-way moneyline of sorts.

Although they may not be classified as props, sportsbooks also offer several other betting options that can be potentially lucrative. This includes alternate spreads and totals, which are available for quarters, halves, and full games. Betting sites also have two-leg parlays that combine either the moneyline or spread with the total.

Monday Night Football Live Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, refers to wagering on a game after it already starts. It’s a popular phenomenon for all NFL games but especially during MNF when options are limited and there are no other football games going on.

As the game progresses, sportsbooks update betting lines for a variety of markets including but not limited to the following:

  • Moneyline, Spread, & Total (Quarters, Halves, Full Game)
  • Alternate Spreads & Totals
  • Team Totals
  • Player Props
  • Next Drive Result
  • Next Touchdown Scorer

Monday Night Football Betting Strategy

In some respects, betting on Monday Night Football is similar to any other game because all the betting markets are the same. But when it comes to the process of deciding what to wager on, there are some factors to consider for Monday that may not come into play as much with the Sunday slate. Consider the following MNF betting strategies and tips when the time comes:

Bet On Props

When there’s only one game on the schedule, the conventional moneyline, spread, and total are under incredible amounts of scrutiny. Every casual bettor, every sharp, and every sportsbook is meticulously watching the odds and their every move. This makes lines tight, meaning it’s hard to get an edge. That’s exactly why you need to be betting on props during MNF.

There are dozens of prop markets and hundreds of options to choose from for every game. With a bit of research, value can be found on markets that aren’t being poured over nearly as much as the standard full-game odds.

Consider Underdogs and Unders

Monday Night Football is huge among the casual betting public, which is mostly made up of squares. Many recreational bettors take the over and the favorite without much thought, so this strategy is essentially fading the public. You can’t do this blindly, but take a look at bet percentages and line movement to see whether the favorite or the over is inflated because that can sometimes be the case.

Bet Overs Early & Unders Late

If you’re going to bet totals, consider taking overs early in the week and unders closer to kickoff. This is because Monday Night Football is going to be bet on by every casual bettor there is and more times than not, the public leans toward overs. This can create inflated totals, making the under a decent bet around kickoff. If you are looking at an over for MNF, there’s probably a better number for it early in the week.

Open Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

This is a betting strategy that works on multiple levels. By signing up for more than one site, bettors are opening themselves up to more welcome bonuses, more promotions, and more betting options. Sites will stagger their promotions, so having access to multiple sportsbooks can come in handy at any moment. It also allows bettors to shop around for lines and get the best odds possible.

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