William Hill Sportsbook NJ Review and Promo Code

William Hill Sportsbook came to fruition in the summer of 2018. This sportsbook is a marvel of globalization, thanks to its parent company. The content is engaging, and the selection of games offers international praise.

For those who are visiting the home of Atlantic City, perhaps the best aspect of William Hill Sportsbook is that it is available in New Jersey.

William Hill Sportsbook promo code and deposit bonus

The reign of sportsbooks has dwindled the significance of promo codes and deposit bonuses significantly. However, William Hill Sportsbook does not leave its newest customers entirely without.

Intermittently, the sportsbook holds first-timer promotions that help welcome players from all around the globe. Currently, William Hill Sportsbook is running a $50 first-deposit match. To receive this match, enter the promo code WH50 when making your first deposit.

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Download the William Hill Sportsbook app

The William Hill Sportsbook app is supportive of both iOS and Android devices. Of course, the platform is subject to the same rules and regulations as other online gambling apps.

William Hill does its best to make the download process for both operating systems as seamless as possible.

For Android users:

Players who are accessing the app on an Android device have a little more work to do than those on an iOS device. However, it is still standard, and the William Hill platform is accommodating. When a player visits the William Hill Sportsbook website from his or her Android device, the mobile site will prompt a download. Next, the player’s device location is confirmed. Then the player is welcome to play.

For iPhone users:

Players who intend to bet on an iOS device have a simple process. The William Hill app is downloadable from the iTunes Store.

For browser users:

Additionally, there is a third option for players who do not wish to play on a mobile device. This option is accessing the platform on a browser. Usually, this is done via a desktop computer. It does not require any download, and it is quick and easy. It has the support of most popular browsers, the only process players will go through is the GPS verification.

Which sports are available through William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook has an international experience that is beneficial to the players in many ways. One of the most obvious ways is its selection of games available for betting on the platform.

Here are all the sports options that players can follow and place wagers on throughout the platform:

  • Automobile
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket (Other)
  • Fighting
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby (Other)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Which bet types are available on William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook’s parent company has been around for a long time. Therefore, the creators of the sportsbook are well versed in the art of betting. Thus, the platform can give betters precisely what they want, in terms of betting options.

Here are all the wagering options inherent within the William Hill Sportsbook app:

  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Propositions
  • Round robins
  • Straight bets
  • Teasers

Cashing out of existing bets:

The cashing-out feature is a courtesy that has gained traction throughout the digital betting fields of online sportsbooks.

William Hill Sportsbook continues this tradition wholeheartedly. Not only are players able to cash out of existing bets, but the platform also features a “Partial Cash Out” option. This gives players the ability to cash out a portion of their bet, while the rest of their initial bet remains in play.

How is the customer support for William Hill Sportsbook?

The customer support for William Hill Sportsbook helps players, new and veteran navigate the platform with ease. There is a live chat line of communication that is always open. Plus, there are multiple reference guides available on the platform. These guides come in a PDF format and help betters traverse the world of online sportsbooks.

How is the security on the William Hill Sportsbook?

The William Hill Sportsbook app prides itself on the security protocols it has in place. Due to its international acclaim and the number of people that trust the platform, security excellence is essential.

William Hill understands this entirely and does everything it can to ensure a safe and secure, yet friendly sportsbook environment.

What are the advantages of using William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook strives for perfection in many facets throughout the platform. There are a few places that genuinely shine throughout the platform.

Here are a couple of the most advantageous features:

Selection of sports:

William Hill Sportsbook hosts many different sports throughout the platform. The options help players from all over the world gain experience among different sports that might not be as popular in the country in which they live. Having such a wide selection encourages globalization, unity and diversity throughout the platform.

Betting availabilities:

William Hill Sportsbook offers “101 ways to bet.” This platform understands the multitude of preferences that players seek. The diversity of the betting helps players find a source of comfort and resonance in this aspect of the platform.

What are the drawbacks of using William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook has gone to great lengths to make its platform a positive and enlightening experience for players. Although, there are still a few drawbacks to the platform.

Here are the most widely felt cons to the sportsbook:

Deposit heavy:

The William Hill Sportsbook app is ripe with content, games and information. Unfortunately, the app comes across as deposit-heavy. Players know the sportsbook wants a deposit. It wants to make money; that is no secret. When there is a minimum deposit, and a noticeable lack of ongoing welcome bonuses, though, that becomes an issue.

The last thing William Hill Sportsbook wants to do is come across as greedy. With some of its policies, though, that is what the platform portrays.

Limited rewards:

While there is a lot of information available on the platform, the rewards are limited. There is no consistent sign-up bonus, and other rewards are few and far between.

While William Hill is right in line with other sportsbooks on the sign-up bonus, its other rewards are lacking. Since it is successfully ignoring the need for a consistent sign-up bonus, the platform should offer more promotions to paying players.

What are the deposit options for William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook is limited with its amount of deposit options. Yet, the reason is strictly to keep the points of access limited. After all, the less monetary connections there are available, the easier it is to keep everything secure.

Here are the two ways which players can deposit their funds into their William Hill Sportsbook account:

  • Cash at cage via Resorts in Atlantic City or at Monmouth Park Raceway
  • Visa/Mastercard

What are the withdrawal options for William Hill Sportsbook?

Depositing is not the only strictly kept monetary access point. The withdraw options for the William Hill Sportsbook app are even stricter.

Here are the two options that players have available to receive their funds from the William Hill Sportsbook app:

  • Cash at cage via the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City
  • William Hill Prepaid Card

Frequently asked questions

Who can bet at William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook allows anyone to bet who is of legal age and physically located within the state of New Jersey. This rule does not mean that the person must be a resident of New Jersey, but they must be in the boundaries of the state while they are betting.

Is William Hill Sportsbook legal?

Yes, if the person betting is within the restrictions set by New Jersey gambling laws, William Hill Sportsbook is legal.