WinView Games In-Game DFS Review

With a multitude of Daily Fantasy Sports sites popping up throughout the industry, some companies are taking a different approach.

The founders of the WinView Games App aim to use a second screen concept for watching live sports that will make sporting events more interactive and exciting for the casual viewer. This taps into an in-game wagering market that is currently thriving in Europe, but has yet to take off in the United States.


WinView Games is not designated as a DFS site and is legal in all 50 states because of that status. Real money contests are only available in 36 states currently, but the company is lobbying to classify it as a true “game of skill,” rather than sports betting.

Rules & Scoring

Instead of crafting lineups for a given slate in hockey, basketball, football or baseball, users can compete on WinView Games at any point during a sporting event.

The APP calls for users to predict live plays up to a few seconds before they happen, usually on a quarter-by-quarter basis. An example of a question might be, “Will the Patriots score on this drive?” during the Super Bowl, or “Will the Warriors score over 30 points in the second quarter?”

Users compete against up to 20 other players and at the end of the contest (which usually lasts 1 quarter), the user with the highest final tally of correct answers wins.

Similarly to how “Prop Bets” work in sports gambling, the questions WinView proposes are often weighted. So if it’s an unlikely result such as, “Will the Athletics hit a home run this inning?” users will potentially get more points for answering yes.

These potential points are designated by multipliers as shown on the WinView Prediction page:

In each contest, players start with 5,000 points and the top six winners earn WinCoins, which can be redeemed for cash via the withdrawal system.


There are different levels of play on WinView Games related to the skill level of users. Beginners start in “Bronze” rooms and can move up to “Silver” and “Gold” rooms if they’re successful at the entry level.

Currently, WinView offers contests for professional football, basketball, baseball and hockey as well as collegiate basketball and football.

According to the company, there are currently over 30 producers in various studios producing 10 NBA games a week, with plans to increase to 15 games a week after the NFL playoffs.

In an NBA or NFL contest, each player starts with 5,000 points. For MLB, users start with 1,000 points and the newly-initiated MMA contests start with 7,500 points per user.

When predictions become “Open” players determine whether they want to wager 250, 500, 750, or 1,000 of those points. Using 1,000 points is a “ONE-SHOT” feature that can only be used once per contest and doesn’t use points if the prediction is incorrect.

Contests typically offer 25 Yes/No predictions per quarter that are pushed to users as notifications. The top 6-7 users usually cash in a tiered payout structure.


Deposits & Withdrawals

Contests of different levels require virtual tickets, purchased through cash, offering bigger prizes depending on the number of required tickets. New users automatically start with 50 virtual tickets to enter WinView contests on top of our 100 percent deposit bonus up to $20.

There are free contests available for those who simply want to compete against friends for bragging rights, offering an increased aspect of entertainment for the casual or invested sports fan.

WinView Tickets enter users into contests and payouts are made through virtual WinCoins, which can be redeemed via PayPal once at least $10 has been accumulated.

WinView does take a rake of up to 20 percent in most contests, so in a $5 contest with 25 players that pays out $105, WinView collects $20 for the site.

App Overview

Because WinView Games is decided to be a truly interactive experience, users are required to use their tablet or mobile device to compete while watching the sporting event on a second screen.

This allows users to play in a group setting or remotely while listening to the game or following along on their mobile device.

Users can download the Winview App and take it for a test run by playing in free contests before signing up with an email address and making their initial deposit.

Clearly, the WinView app is an intriguing addition to the fan experience and an interesting option for the casual and invested sports bettor.