DraftBoard DFS Site Review & Promo Code

Draftboard DFS Review 2018

Daily Fantasy Sports players are always looking for player-friendly DFS sites that cater to their needs and the good of the game.

Enter new DFS site, Draftboard, which proposes to make DFS fun again with a live scoring feed and user-friendly contests that can weed out the sharks and pit recreational players against each other.

This innovative DFS site, which debuted in late September with NFL DFS contests, allows users to play at different skill levels in both NBA and NFL contests. It’s sure to incorporate more sports as word spreads.

Draftboard DFS Bonus

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Draftboard.com Overview

Launched by professional poker player Phil Galfond and developed by CEO Dan Quinn, Draftboard’s website has a sleek new design, and the mobile site is relatively easy to navigate.

Users are asked to create a lineup first and foremost, which comes into play later as part of Draftboard’s “Fair Match” initiative.

Like on other daily fantasy sports sites, Draftboard is a salary cap game, and users must stay under a $50,000 salary cap when creating lineups. The Draftboard interface provides information to tell you which players are hot and which are not, based on their last 10 games, as well as their FPPG overall this season.


Like many new DFS sites, Draftboard mostly offers H2H, small tournaments, and 50/50 leagues.

When you enter contests on Draftboard, you’re first asked which sport you want to play and whether you’d like to compete as a Veteran or Rookie. You can only choose one lobby per day and craft one lineup to put up against other players of your skill level.

Contests in the Rookie lobby range from $1 to $5 entires, while the Veteran lobby ranges from $10 to $50.

While this may seem limiting, it helps keep things simple for users who might be playing on many different DFS sites on a given night and don’t have time to adjust multiple lineups as news breaks.

Once a user competes in 500 or more contests, or earns at least $2,500 in gross winnings, they’re no longer eligible in the Rookie lobby.

Fair Match

Draftboard has instituted a new trademarked system called “Fair Match,” in which lineups are pitted against each other in different contests based on skill level.

This eliminates the concern relevant on bigger DFS sites that pros will “scoop up” the H2H contests created by players used to less volume.

It also makes it more difficult for experienced players to create a “train” with their lineups in multi-entry contests. Instead of allowing one, three, 10 or 100 entries from a given user into a contest, DraftBoard pits each subsequent entry into a different contest against players of similar skill level.

If the number of entries from different users doesn’t match, Crossover Contests are created to ensure everyone has an opportunity to compete.

Each player can enter any given contest a maximum of three times.

Scoring and Live Feed

The scoring at Draftboard for NBA DFS is similar to what’s on mainstream sites, with turnovers resulting in a full negative point and steals and blocks worth three fantasy points.

In NFL DFS, the scoring is similar to mainstream DFS sites that use the half-point-per-reception format. All turnovers at Draftboard result in that player losing one point.

Once your lineups are in action, DraftBoard offers a live feed in which you can watch players compete. One of the goals in DraftBoard’s mission statement is to bring users closer to the players in their lineups. This feed certainly helps in that regard.

It’s an easy way to keep track of each player’s progression, as well as your opponents by clicking each contest tab to see your H2H matchup or progress against the field.

Draftboard’s appealing interface for live contests is the most intriguing draw to this new DFS site. It’s easy to monitor your status in every contest, while making the “sweat” of a close contest that much more real and exciting.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Every user starts out on Draftboard with a “Dollar and a Dream” providing the opportunity to try the site in a $1 contest before depositing at all.

During the NFL season, users are given the opportunity to hit the NFL Record Breaker mark by recording the highest all-time score in any NFL contest, to win a $10,000 prize. All lineups are automatically entered, so every single time you play, you could bank an extra $10,000…for free!

Draftboard accepts deposits via credit card or PayPal and pays out withdrawals through PayPal. Users will be asked to verify their identities by quickly sending in an image of their license and will need to verify their location, as Draftboard is currently restricted in 20 US states.

Draftboard restricted in: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington.

It’s easy to cancel your entry to a contest prior to its start time, and contests that don’t fill are promptly refunded.

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