Boom Fantasy App Review 2024 and Promo Code

Boom Daily Fantasy Sports is one of the newest DFS offerings, and thanks to its bonus bet welcome bonus, you can get up to back if your first entry loses. Sign up for Boom DFS here to claim your sign-up bonus, no promo code is required.

One of the biggest barriers facing newcomers to daily fantasy sports is the time and commitment involved in researching players and drafting a team. A weekly sport like the NFL lends itself well to this format, as users only have to play once per week, but other sports like basketball and baseball require much more of a time commitment.

Enter Boom Fantasy, a different way to play daily fantasy sports. Boom Fantasy lets you avoid much of the time commitment of researching and drafting at a traditional DFS site like DraftKings or FanDuel. Instead, you can make quick picks that still give you a chance to receive payouts.

Boom Fantasy bonus entry

The welcome bonus does not require you to enter a Boom Fantasy promo code and will be activated after you create a Boom DFS account. Simply enter your first contest and if you lose, you’ll receive a refund of up to .

Boom Promo Code
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Last UpdatedMay 2024

Boom Fantasy contest formats

Boom Fantasy does not utilize the traditional DFS format in which you draft players and build a lineup while staying under the specified salary cap. Instead, Boom Fantasy features three types of pick ’em-style games: long shots, toss-ups, and favorites. In each of these game modes, you try to answer simple questions and predict how players will perform each night.

One category of pick ’em involves over/unders. This focuses on whether a certain player will achieve over or under a statistical threshold. Boom Fantasy will set the particular statistic and the threshold, and you choose whether the player will end up over it or under it. For example, you could predict that Mike Trout will have over 1.5 hits during his game that day.

Another type of pick ’em looks at specific matchups. Boom will select two players from a single game, and you choose which of the two players will perform better in a particular stat. For example, you might have to decide whether Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers will pass for more yards in their Sunday matchup.

You can also compete in head-to-head DFS tournaments against other players. In this format, you will each select a variety of players, and whoever makes the better picks will win the prize money. This is a great way to combine the traditional aspect of head-to-head DFS with a quicker, easier option. It also levels the playing field, as there is less time necessary for research.

Sports featured on Boom Fantasy

Every game mode Boom DFS offers on the app is available for all the sports the site offers. Boom Fantasy currently offers DFS contests for these sports:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL

Boom Fantasy will have DFS contests every day that one of these sports is in season. This means that there is a DFS contest to play at Boom every day of the year. The site also aims to add more leagues in the future as the company continues to grow.

Boom Fantasy scoring

Even though Boom Fantasy offers a different way to play daily fantasy sports, it still scores consistently with other DFS sites. Player stats are still calculated at the standard rates, and players who don’t end up playing (inactive) or have games canceled are not included in scoring (i.e., they push).

When you are playing head-to-head game modes, you accumulate points for each correct pick that you make. The person with the most correct picks wins. If there are ties, the tiebreaker goes to the user who made picks with slightly longer odds.

Boom Fantasy prizes

Even though Boom Fantasy might not be as well-known as the DFS giants, there are still plenty of prizes up for grabs. Prizes vary depending on which game mode you are playing; some offer winnings up to 40x that of your entry fee.

When you play individual pick ’em game modes, your payout multiplies with each pick you make and each player you add to your slip. You can make up to five picks per slip, and each pick increases the payout multiplier as follows: 3x, 6x, 10x, and 20x. That means that if you lay down $5 on five over/under and matchup picks, you will win $100 if all five picks are correct.

The head-to-head game modes vary greatly in prize money, usually depending on the entry fee and the number of participants in each lobby. Entry fees can start as low as $3, while prize pools combine for over $10,000 daily. In these game modes, you can win up to 40x your entry fee if you make the best picks in your lobby. While these prize pools aren’t quite as large as sites like DraftKings and Underdog, you are generally competing against fewer people.

Live contests at Boom Fantasy

Another aspect of the Boom Fantasy platform is the live mode, which lets you make predictions on players while the action is unfolding. Such a feature is not available at many other DFS sites.

Essentially, you can attempt to predict the exact outcome of upcoming plays while simultaneously watching the game. You’ll have to act fast to make real-time picks based on intuition and expertise. While this game mode tends to favor more committed and attentive fans, users only have 10 seconds to answer each question, so there’s not too much time to think and certainly not enough time to research. This is a super fun, fast and easy way to make every game a little more exciting, and it’s available to play for only minimal stakes.

Boom Fantasy app

The Boom Fantasy app is easily one of the strengths of the platform. The company has spent most of its time focused on the app’s performance, as it far exceeds the website version. The Boom app has a sleek design with solid software, as it processes extremely quickly and rarely lagged or crashed during our testing. As far as layout, the platform is fairly intuitive. There aren’t too many tabs or pages, so you shouldn’t get lost looking for a contest, your profile or your account balance.

In terms of actual gameplay, the Boom Fantasy app clarifies what you are picking, and the various options appear in one place. Each time you make a pick, it automatically appears on your slip at the bottom of the screen so you can keep track of your multiplier.

Additionally, you can see recent player stats and performances in your profile, so you can quickly research to see which picks make the most sense. Instead of having to spend hours of research on your own, you can gain quick insight on picks straight from the app.

Boom Fantasy social media

As a company, Boom Fantasy has also emphasized its social media presence and compatibility. When you sign up, you’ll notice the option to sign in directly through your Facebook account. This lets you connect with other friends on the platform so that you can keep track of one another’s games.

Boom Fantasy also has a social media presence on all the other major platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. It is most active on TikTok, offering weekly posts with insight into the top waiver wire pickups, sleeper players, and value picks. These posts can be helpful for novice DFS players in particular.


Overall, Boom Fantasy offers a high-quality platform. It features a much more casual, straightforward approach to daily fantasy sports than you would find on a traditional DFS site. Instead of building a lineup every day, you can make picks on Boom Fantasy in just a few minutes. While DFS is certainly a thinking person’s game, Boom streamlines the process for you by asking a simple question: “Who will do better?”

While the prize pools might not be as high as at some bigger DFS sites, there is still plenty to try to win. You can perform research quickly with just a couple of clicks, thanks to the app. At the end of the day, Boom Fantasy makes DFS a little bit easier.

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