Boom Fantasy Review 2019

May 26, 2020

Perhaps the biggest barrier to entry for players in Daily Fantasy Sports is the sheer time commitment involved in researching and setting lineups. It’s one thing to set a lineup during NFL season, a weekly sport, and see how your players perform on a given Sunday. However, DFS NBA and DFS MLB require a completely different level of attention to detail, right down until lineups lock around 7 p.m. eastern standard time on a nightly basis.

Enter BOOM Fantasy. You can avoid the extended time commitment of researching each and every team and player on a given slate with their new, exciting format of daily fantasy sports.

Boom Fantasy Deposit Bonus

BOOM rewards new users with a Deposit Bonus of up to 100% on an initial deposit up to $600. It can pay out through PayPal or accept PayPal as a method of depositing, which makes it easy to put money into or take it out of your account.

Another perk of playing on BOOM is a big bonus for adding friends. When another user signs up via your recommendation, you receive a $3 ticket and 20% of their earnings for LIFE. Inviting a successful DFS player to play at BOOM could result in plenty of net gains for both of you.

Boom Fantasy Contest Formats

BOOM doesn’t have the typical lineup construction that most DFS sites use. Instead, users are asked to answer simple questions, predicting different ways certain matchups or props will play out in a given night.

For example: ‘Will Player X record more hits than Player Y tonight?’ ‘How many strikeouts will Pitcher X record?’

This version of the game allows users to make a selection, set it, and forget it without worrying about where players bat in the lineup or any other extenuating circumstances that require attention right up until the night of games begins. In most instances, a player must actually play for their question to count, so it also diminishes the tremendous risk created by potential rainouts in DFS MLB.

Of course there is always the option go back and edit lineups if something develops and you want to make a change, but for the most part it’s a worry-free approach to DFS contests.

There is also a live game option where you answer questions while a specific game is actually being played. Whether or not the next play will be a pass, or how many yards the next play will go for are just a couple of the predictions you’ll have to make in this variant at Boom Fantasy.

Boom Fantasy Scoring

Just as it is with setting rosters, the scoring is very simple on BOOM Fantasy. You simply earn more points than the other players within your contest to move into a higher place, with H2H, 50/50 and GPP contests. How many points you will win should your prediction come to fruition, is clearly stated before you make the pick.

In the event of a tie, the user that is closest to a correct answer of the 4th question in the series (usually a numerical option, i.e. how many strikeouts will pitcher X record?) will win.
Each option’s point allocation is weighted based on the popularity of the pick. This is similar to how a Sportsbook works in that the heavily favored option produces a smaller payout, or in this case, fewer points. For example, if the question is something like, “who will hit the most 3s,” Steph Curry might pay out at a +4500 rate while a much riskier pick such as Patty Mills could net +10,500 points if proven correct.

Questions about one athlete are cancelled when that athlete doesn’t play, but when several athletes are up against each other in one question, they would have to all be inactive for the question to be excluded.


BOOM might be new to the scene, but their contests are quite large with the daily GPPs combining for a prize pool of $10K or more. There are high-roller H2H contests available at times and plenty of prizes available in crossover contests (where you can play multiple sports such as PGA and NASCAR along with MLB and NBA) or in Satellites to get you into bigger contests down the road.

Boom Fantasy App and Live Contests

An even more unique aspect of BOOM Fantasy is the app and the Live Mode that allows you predict a players’ performance within the game itself.

Users can attempt to predict the exact outcome of a play, drawing on their intuition and expertise to make real-time predictions.

Contests on the App are split into four quarters and users can choose to play any quarter. Each player is given 1,000 points per each quarter and are awarded points based on correct answers and the relative difficulty of each question.

While this mode clearly benefits lifelong sports fans with a good feel for the game, there’s not much time to research as each user has only 10 seconds answer each question!

It is a fun, fast-paced way to grab a little stake in the action, or play for free to keep an NFL or NBA game entertaining.

The award-winning app is also great for setting lineups in their general contests. It’s aesthetics are amazing and the functionality of the app is near flawless.


For those looking for something a bit more casual, or simply something more straightforward than the intricacies of building nightly DFS lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel, BOOM offers the lost opportunity to just “set it and forget it.”

It can be a thinking man’s game of course, as intuition plays a critical factor in predicting how each player will perform relative to their season averages in a given matchup. Yet for the most part, it streamlines the process by asking the simple question: Who will do better?

In the end, simplicity is usually a positive, and playing DFS on BOOM makes life that much easier.

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