FendOff Sports Review & Promo Code

March 13, 2020

FendOff Sports is bringing you a new way to test your ability to pick winners!

Using the sweepstakes model to provide an experience similar to sports betting, you can play at Fendoff Sports in all US states except Washington. And Fendoff is rolling out the welcome mat for new players with a $5 signup bonus and a 100% purchase match up to $100,

FendOff Sports promo code 2021

The good news is that you don’t have to input a FendOff Sports promo code to unlock some free credits. In fact, thanks to this operator’s unique setup, you can get some added value each time you make a purchase. To learn more about the FendOff Sports welcome offer, as well as other ways to get some extra value, check out the rest of this review.

Join FendOff Sports and enjoy a unique sports betting experience in almost any US state!

FendOff Sports overview

In recent years, sports betting in the US has flourished. Alongside local brands jumping on the bandwagon, overseas imports have brought new options for players across the US. Today, alongside what can be termed as traditional sportsbooks, new options are emerging.

FendOff Sports is one of those options. Similar to its peers but also different in a variety of ways, this operator brings something new to the party. That “something new” is sweeps. Short for sweepstakes, FendOff Sports uses a novel system that operates within the parameters of existing state laws. By offering sweepstakes on sporting contests, FendOff is able to operate in all US states (except Washington).

FendOff Sports app

FendOff has been optimized for mobile use. In practice, this means you can access the website via your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. The beauty of this is that you don’t lose any functionality when you move from your desktop to a smartphone or tablet. Simply visit the FendOff site via this link, signup for your account, and then follow links to download the right app for your device.

As a site, FendOff Sports is simple but effective. The interface isn’t crammed with too many features, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for thanks to menus and icons. In addition to the basics, there’s an “upcoming events” tab so you can stay on top of the action and never miss an opportunity. Finally, the “my picks” page is where all your picks are recorded. You can use this to keep track of your open contests and, in turn, review your results in an effort to get better over time.

The basics of contests at FendOff Sports

Before we get into the process of how you can get into the action at FendOff, let’s run through some basics. Firstly, FendOff Sports runs contests. These contests focus on sporting events, and the aim is to earn more points than your peers. To earn points, you have to use an onsite currency known as “gold coins.” Once you’ve entered, you’ll see a list of matchups. Your job is to back the team/individual you think will win. You’re free to risk as many gold coins on a pick as you like. However, don’t think that using more will necessarily earn you more points. As we’ll describe later in this FendOff Sports review, there are different scoring systems that all give everyone an equal chance of winning.

After you’ve made your picks, you wait. When the events are over, you’ll be given a score based on how successful your selections were. Your aim is to earn enough points to rank among the top performers on a daily leaderboard. If you finish high enough on a leaderboard, you’ll win a prize, which is paid out in an onsite currency known as “sweeps.” Simple.

Swap contests for single events

If contests don’t suit, you can also make individual picks. If you do this, you’ll stake sweeps instead of gold coins. Naturally, when you risk sweeps, you win sweeps. This means you don’t pick up points in the same way you do when you’re betting gold coins. Thus, you won’t rank on a daily leaderboard when you make correct choices with sweeps. However, you can win sweeps if you back the right team/individual. In technical terms, this is still a sweepstake because your pick is part of a pool.

This pool is then shared among everyone who made a correct pick. Therefore, instead of the traditional sportsbook model betting $XX on YY at a certain price (e.g. +100), at Fendoffyou’ll get a return based on your stake and the popularity of your pick. So, if your pick is an 80% favorite, the potential returns will be lower than if your pick was a 20% underdog.

Convert sweeps for gift cards

You want to accumulate as many sweeps as possible because they can be converted into valuable prizes.

The minimum number of sweeps you can convert is 5,000. For that, you could receive a $50 Gift Card.

At FendOff Sports, the main aim is to use the onsite currency (gold coins) to enter contests. Then, if you come out on top, you’ll receive credits (sweeps) that can be converted into gift cards. In addition to being a fun way to play, this also allows FendOff Sports to be offered in almost every US state (except WA).

A scoring system for every type of sports fan

Now, when it comes to scoring, the team at FendOff has been clever. In an effort to stop high rollers from betting more than everyone else and cleaning up, different scoring systems have been created. These systems allocate points to correct picks in different ways. The upshot of this is that you can risk as many or as a few gold coins as you like in a contest and still have a shot at winning.

That, for us, is fantastic and a real sign that FendOff is looking to make sports contents accessible to everyone. In terms of specifics, the scoring systems are:

  • ROI — In these contests, points are earned based on the gold coins you stake per selection.
  • Streak — The number of consecutive winning picks you make will determine your overall score.
  • Strike rate — This scoring system compares the number of correct selections you make to the number of incorrect selections. The difference in values is your score.
  • Total gold coins — These contests take into account the total number of gold coins you win in a predetermined period.
  • Unit — This scoring system focuses on the percentage of all successful picks you make minus the percentage of the unsuccessful ones.

As you can see, the system is designed to suit all types of user. Therefore, your job is to shoot for the contests that most suit your style.

Who can play at FendOff Sports?

FendOff Sports is open to anyone aged 18+ and located in the US. The only exceptions are the state of Washington and any other areas where lotteries and sweepstakes are expressly prohibited. In short, you can make sports picks using FendOff’s sweepstakes model even if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow sportsbooks to operate legally.

Creating an account at FendOff Sports

Creating an account at FendOff Sports is extremely easy. In fact, because sweepstakes are a social type of game, the developers have continued this theme by allowing social media signups. Basically, after clicking our FendOff Sports signup link, you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to join the party.

Of course, if you’re a little more traditional, you can enter your email address, a password and a desired username. Once you’ve done that, you’re in. In fact, to sweeten the deal, you’ll receive a bunch of gold coins and sweeps when you create your first account.

Get $5 free when you register for your first account at FendOff Sports.

FendOff Sports rewards system

The interesting thing about FendOff Sports is that it’s one of the only operators in the world to offer a free rewards system. Yes, there are some added extras you’ll have work for. However, as long as you’re logged into the site, you’ll have the chance to pick up free credits. But, before we talk about this, here’s the lowdown on FendOff Sports’ welcome bonus.

As a newbie, you’ll receive $5 free when you create your first account. Beyond that, you’ll pick up a 100% purchase bonus worth up to $100. Now, because this site runs on gold coins and sweeps, you don’t actually get dollars. Instead, the bonuses are credited to your account in FendOff’s onsite currencies. In practice, this means you’ll get 15,000 gold coins and 500 sweeps (a package worth $5) when you create your first account. From there, your opening purchase will be matched.

We’ll talk about how to make purchases later. When you log in to your account, you’ll be able to buy a variety of packages. Each package contains a set number of gold coins and sweeps. As a newbie, you’ll get two packages for the price of one. That’s an effective multiplier of 100%. Therefore, because the top package costs $100, you’ll receive $100 worth of extra value when you make your first purchase.

This is clearly very different from the type of welcome bonuses you’ll find at 888sport and FanDuel Sports. However, we love it. Not only is the offer unique, it’s a great way to enjoy the potential of sports sweepstakes. Indeed, by getting a free boost when you start and then double value when you make your first purchase, you’ll be in a great position when it comes to making picks.

Other player offers and promotions at FendOff Sports

In addition to the FendOff Sports welcome bonus, you’ll also be able to pick up free gold coins every two hours. This unique system is designed to keep you active but also ensure low stakes players can have just as much fun as high rollers. To collect your 200 gold coins, all you have to do is go to the store and click “claim now.” Once you’ve done that, wait two hours and you’ll be able to collect another 200 gold coins.

In addition to free credits every two hours, you can refer a friend and receive a $2 package. That’s great, but the real way to get more for less at FendOff Sports is to purchase packages. Although you should never spend more than you can afford, there is an incentive to paying more for a bundle of gold coins and sweeps. Basically, the more a package costs, the more extras you get.

For example, if you buy the smallest package for $5, you’ll receive 15,000 gold coins and 500 sweeps. If you purchase a $20 package, you’ll receive 87,500 gold coins and 2,000 sweeps. Doing the math on that, you’d expect a $20 package to contain 60,000 gold coins and 2,000 sweeps (i.e., the $5 package multiplied by four). However, because you’re spending more, you get 27,500 additional gold coins.

This rule applies all the way up to the $100 package. Therefore, if you can afford to spend a little more, this is how you’ll get extra value at FendOff Sports.

Get up to $100 free when you join FendOff Sports!

Making purchases and redemptions at FendOff Sports

As we’ve said, you don’t deposit money into FendOff Sports. What you do, instead, is make purchases. In our opinion, this makes things easier. Because you’re only paying for what you intend to use, there’s no surplus. In other words, by purchasing packages, you actually have better control over your money. That, regardless of who you are or what you’ve got to spend, is a positive.

In terms of security, FendOff uses PCI and TLS protocols. In tandem with encrypted software, all payments will be processed by Ecompany.com. This company allows you to make Visa or Mastercard payments in a safe, efficient manner. In fact, Ecompany is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore, FendOff Sports’ payment options are just as secure as banks.

Finally, when it comes to purchasing packages, you’ll have five options:

  • $5 = 15,000 gold coins + 500 sweeps
  • $20 = 87,500 gold coins + 2,000 sweeps
  • $50 = 250,000 gold coins + 5,000 sweeps
  • $100 = 625,000 gold coins + 10,000 sweeps

Contest options at FendOff Sports

Before we conclude this FendOff Sports review, let’s go through the types of contests. As we’ve said, one options is to enter contests and wager gold coins. Or you can select individual events with sweeps in a similar way to standard sports bets. Once you’ve grasped that, the other important point you need to know is how to make your picks.

Because these are sports sweepstakes, you won’t see traditional odds (e.g. +100, etc.). Instead, you’ll see percentages. These percentages are how likely a team/individual is to win, according to the experts at FendOff HQ. Just like traditional odds, the lower the chances of a team/individual winning, the greater your returns will be.

For example, if XX has a score of 80%, that’s FendOff’s way of saying XX is the favorite and likely to win. In contrast, if YY is 20%, it’s unlikely to win. As well as determining the favorite/underdog, the percentages determine your potential return. Basically, the lower the percentage, the bigger your return will be if you’re successful. So, even though this is slightly different from traditional odds, the overall premise is the same.

Finally, when it comes to making picks, you can speculate on the following sports by making pre-event or in-play choices:

  • NBA
  • XFL
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • MLS
  • Tennis
  • Boxing/MMA
  • EPL

That’s a solid selection of sports and, when you combine this with FendOff’s unique setup, it’s hard to say this isn’t a tempting proposition. Yes, it is set up different than other operators. However, we think the differences are positive.

For example, because there are multiple scoring systems, the site doesn’t favor high rollers. Beyond that, you’re actually trying to beat other people, rather than bookmakers. Therefore, if you’re more knowledgeable than everyone else in a contest, you have a shot at winning big.

If all that’s not appealing, it’s worth remembering that FendOff Sports is available in virtually every US state. Therefore, if you’re somewhere sports betting isn’t yet legal, you can use this site. That, combined with neat ways to get free credits and secure software, makes FendOff a must-try site if you’re a fan of making sports picks.

For a unique online and mobile betting experience, create your first account at FendOff Sports today!

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