Jock MKT Promo Code & Review May 2024

The one-of-a-kind Jock MKT app launched in October 2020. Since then, this daily fantasy sports platform has made some waves in the industry. Sign up with Jock MKT today and get a 100% deposit match welcome bonus worth up to $100. Just make sure to enter the top Jock promo code PLAYBONUS.

Top DFS sign-up bonuses in May 2024

Rather than straight betting on players, you trade stocks and shares in them. You seek to outbid other users as they try to take over the player market and secure a monopoly. For a full rundown, see our Jock MKT review below.

Jock MKT promo code 2024

Jock MKT has a welcome bonus for new customers. Enter the Jock MKT bonus code PLAYBONUS to claim a matched deposit bonus up to $100 ($20 minimum deposit required). See below for details.

Jock MKT Promo codePLAYBONUS
Welcome bonus100% deposit match up to $100
Last updatedMay 2024

How the Jock MKT welcome bonus works

Jock MKT matches new users’ first deposits at a rate of 100% for up to $100. The bonus arrives in your account in the form of Jock MKT credits. The credits have a 5x playthrough requirement.

How to join Jock MKT

Once you’ve downloaded the Jock MKT app, you can open it and follow the join link on the front page. All you’ve got to do is complete an online form with the necessary personal details (address, Social Security number, etc.).

Alternatively, you can fill out the form on your computer before you download the Jock MKT app — this can be a little easier sometimes, particularly if you prefer to use a keyboard.

Jock MKT app

At the moment, Jock MKT is only available on mobile. It’s not something you can get on your laptop or gaming PC, only via the app on your phone or tablet.

We don’t think this is a big deal, but we know some of you appreciate being able to keep your DFS play on a gaming-only device. Computers aside, the Jock MKT mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Jock MKT homepage via the link on this page.
  • At the bottom of the homepage, locate the “download now” section and select the appropriate app store for your device.

Once your phone has finished installing the app, make sure you have geolocation enabled. Usually, this turns on for specific apps, and you’ll likely get a prompt from Jock MKT. If you don’t enable geolocation, you won’t be able to use the platform.

Jock MKT games

Jock MKT has a distinct format that we think a lot of DFS fans will get behind. If you’re mad for sports stats, and that’s why you’re playing DFS games, then Jock MKT is going to give you that extra level of stat-math nerdiness.

So how exactly does Jock MKT work?

Jock MKT models itself after a market where you buy and sell stocks in companies. Instead, however, you buy and sell shares in players — rather than Google or Tesla shares, it’s Kyle Busch and Steph Curry shares.

The DFS games all have two stages: the IPO stage and the trading stage. The IPO is the initial purchase offering. At this stage, you research the stats and forecasts of the players in whom you want to invest. If you’re confident with a certain pick, then you make a bid for a portion of the shares in that player. Much like an auction, the people who bid the most get the most shares.

The bidding and IPO stage is complete once the games start in earnest — after the tipoff, the tee-off or the puck drop. Once the games are underway, you can start trading your player shares. If one of your players is underperforming, you might want to sell. Or, if you think a valuable player is underpriced but will soon get big results, then you might want to buy shares in that player.

Once the results are in, the well-performing players will return you your cash — just like they would on a normal DFS platform. That’s the overall structure for the games at Jock MKT, but there are two variations, as well. These are the market game and the contest game.


The contest game starts with users buying in for a set amount, and in return, they receive a certain number of chips. They then use these chips to play the game. Then, once trading is done and the game is over, users receive a rank based on how many chips they’ve accumulated. Those with the most win a portion of the prize money.


The market version does away with the chips and buy-in prices. Instead, you can buy in for as little as $10 and as much as $10,000. Moreover, in the market version of the game, there’s no hard deadline; you can cash out at any stage. Just like a real stock market, then, you’ve got big players and little players, and those who want to trade it all in and walk off into the sunset can.

Jock MKT sports

When it first launched in 2020, the Jock MKT online app had three sports: golf, baseball and football. For a while this was enough to keep many sports fans happy — these are great games for stat-based DFS contests.

But recently Jock MKT DFS has undertaken an expansion, broadening its roster to include basketball, hockey and NASCAR — great news for petrol-heads. The games for all the sports work in the same way. You make initial offers on golfers, drivers or quarterbacks, then you trade or hold them once the game has begun.

Jock MKT deposits and withdrawals

At Jock MKT, it’s likely that you’ll be able to use Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other popular e-wallets to move money into and out of your account. What you’ll use depends on what type of accounts you already have. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, and the average payout time is about five days.

You’ll need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method, so your money comes out the same way it went in. Also, for your first withdrawal, Jock MKT will manually verify that it’s legitimate. This will undoubtedly slow down the withdrawal process, so be prepared — it took us by surprise.

While Jock MKT DFS only went live in October of 2020, the app is already available in 35 states.

Aside from four states where DFS platforms are illegal (Nevada, Idaho, Washington and Montana), here are the states where you can’t use Jock MKT:

  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • Louisiana
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana
  • Michigan

This is because Jock MKT hasn’t yet obtained licenses for these states.

If you’re a resident of one of these states, don’t be dismayed that Jock MKT isn’t yet available. The app has grown quickly, and it likely will continue to do so.

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