Albert Breer trolling Fantasy Football

Written By PlayPicks Staff on December 31, 2013 - Last Updated on June 20, 2018

Albert Breer – “I care about a lot of things. Your fantasy team is not one of them.”



Albert Breer trolling Fantasy Football players has become a weekly occurrence. It is fascinating to think about the amount of time Albert Breer continues to spend trolling fantasy football players. Albert Breer is listed as a beat writer for which is a subsidiary company owned by the 32 ownership structures of each NFL Franchise. This corporate structure is a for profit enterprise and as such has one main goal and that is generating revenue for the power structure of each NFL franchise. The revenue that this company generates flows from three main streams: Merchandise, Advertising and Stadium experience. As a beat writer for NFL.Com Albert Breer is responsible for reporting NFL related news to these fans so that each fan might have a better experience when they are buying merchandise or at the stadium experiencing the game. The fact that Albert Breer trolling Fantasy Football players continues to happen on a weekly basis is mind boggling.


What Albert continues to not realize that so many other people in the NFL have is that fantasy football player’s makes up the vast majority of the population of NFL fans. These NFL fans are the ones spending money on merchandise, advertising dollars and the stadium experience.  These are arguably the most dedicated and loyal fans to the sport. The fantasy football player is one who is committed to having a rooting interest in almost every game that happens on Sunday. The NFL realizes this and that is why they have embraced fantasy football and continue to promote it and distribute it to the masses. Albert Breer as an employee of the NFL does not seem to get this same message. It is possible that a few bad apples have ruined it for Albert but if that is the case then everything should be ruined for Albert. I understand he is probably sick of start/sit questions that he constantly faces on twitter. He did not sign up to be a fantasy analyst like some but at the same time he needs to realize that these people are the very life blood that are allowing him to be employed as a beat writer for the NFL. Most people would kill for the opportunity to report on the NFL. Albert Breer has that chance yet he is using that platform to mock and ridicule some of the most intense fans of the NFL.

For the NFL to continue to be as relevant as it currently is, it needs to embrace the fantasy football fan that is at the epicenter of the current NFL growth. It is the fuel that is driving NFL hysteria and mocks and ridicules by one of its own reporters is hurting and directly affecting that fan base that they are trying to grow. As long as Albert Breer continues to troll fantasy football players instead of doing his job to report football related news to his companies most loyal followers we all will lose and be a lot worse off. Or we will just listen to Adam Schefter instead.


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