NFL Week 6 DFS Stacking Options

Written By PlayPicks Staff on October 14, 2016 - Last Updated on June 27, 2018
NFL DFS Stacks

I cannot believe we are already at week 6 of the NFL season, feels like just yesterday we were working on preseason lineups and trying to figure out who the values were going to be in week 1!  I am sure most of you know this already, but for those that do not, this article will go over correlated plays that can have a positive effect on your GPP lineups.


QB/WR Stacks


This section could probably be a page and a half or more itself this weekend as there are a number of stacks available that have positive match-ups.  This makes it extremely tough to narrow it down, so I am going to just list the obvious choices and talk a little bit about the other options I am looking to use.  The obvious stacks are Cam Newton/Greg Olsen, Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski, Drew Brees/Any WR, and Ben Roethlisberger/Antonio Brown/Sammie Coates.  These stacks are full of big names and are ALWAYS going to be in play.


The other four that are standing out to me are Russell Wilson/Doug Baldwin/Jimmy Graham, Alex Smith/Travis Kelce, Marcus Mariota/Delanie Walker and Brock Osweiler/DeAndre Hopkins.  I really love Wilson coming off of a bye against a Falcons D that has allowed 12 pass TD’s so far this season.  I think you can pair him with either guy or even both as I think Seattle beats Atlanta.  Alex Smith and the Chiefs get to take on an Oakland Raiders defense that has been absolutely torched through the air.  The obvious stack choice is Jeremy Maclin and while I certainly like that, I much prefer Kelce.  Mariota put up an impressive game last week on the road and now gets to face a pretty bad Cleveland team at home.  I love what Walker is capable of doing when healthy as he is Mariota’s favorite target in the passing game.  The last one is probably my favorite as the Texans get to head home to take on what might be the worst defense in the league, the Colts.  The Colts just do not get any pressures on QB’s and were just picked apart by Brian Hoyer.  Osweiler came out and said he has to do a better job of getting the ball to Hopkins, so I expect 12+ targets in this one.


RB/DEF Stacks


The RB-DEF stack has been a lot tougher to pin point this season than in years past, however this week it seems pretty easy to pinpoint who to look at.  My top combo is LeSean McCoy/Buffalo as they are in an excellent spot with SF traveling across the country to take them on after benching their starting QB.  You have probably seen me joking on Twitter about going 100% McCoy/Buffalo and while it sounds like a joke, I may be serious about that!


Le’Veon Bell/Pittsburgh is in a great spot as they take on a Miami team that was just beaten at home by Tennessee.  I am going out on a limb and saying that Bell finds the end zone for the first time this season.  The Dolphins just released 3 offensive linemen so there is a huge shake up going on and that could lead to some trouble protecting Tannehill in this one.  I expect the Steelers to unleash a number of blitzes in this game.  Speaking of Tennessee, I really love DeMarco Murray/Tennessee in this one as Murray has just been a beast in all facets of the offense for the Titans and they get to face a Cleveland Browns team that I think would lose to a couple NCAA teams right now.


My last duo is Jordan Howard/Chicago.  Howard has been a stud since taking over for Langford and I am quite sure that Langford does not get his job back when he returns.  The Bears defense has not been as bad as most would think and now get to play at home, on a slow field (there is some talk about how bad the turf actually is) and they get to face a turnover prone Blake Bortles.  The Bears D has been dealing with some injuries, however they have some young talent and I like them as a sneaky option against a Jaguars team that gets very pass happy.


Returner/DEF Stacks



My every week number 1 combination is back after their bye week as Tyler Lockett/Seattle takes on the Falcons at home.  I am not buying this as a new Matt Ryan and am just waiting for the week where he comes down to earth a little bit.  Seattle’s D is statistically the best overall D in the NFL, even better than my Vikings.  With this being in Seattle, I think 3 turnovers is a real possibility and we know how dangerous Lockett is in the return game, as well as the offense.  Finding a couple more options has been tough this week.  I dug through some numbers and found a couple of return men who are seeing some offensive plays that have a great match-up in the PR game.  While the defenses attached to them might not be in the perfect spot, they are still in play as they take on QBs that can turn the ball over.


My second duo is Tyreek Hill/Kansas City.  Hill is seeing more and more work with the offense and some say they think he is the fastest player in the NFL right now.  Oakland has given up the 6th most PR yards so far this season, while barely forcing return men to call for a fair catch.  KC’s D also could see Justin Houston return for a handful of snaps, which could certainly help their pass rush.  We know their DB’s love to take chances and a pick 6 could happen on any play.


My last duo is Jamison Crowder/Washington.  Crowder is leading the NFL in PR yardage and has a TD already on the season.  He also has been Cousins’ favorite red zone target on the offensive side of the ball.  While Philly is a tough match-up for the Redskins, the fact that Philly tries to hold the ball on offense quite a bit means that the Redskins D will have more chances to force turnovers.  Wentz finally threw his first INT of the season and we could see him come down to earth and we have seen Ryan Mathews fumble the ball a few times so the turnover possibilities are there.  Philadelphia has only allowed 2 punts to be returned, however one of those was for a 65 yard TD.


There you have it for Week 6, a list of my favorite stacking options.  Make sure you let me know how you feel about my article in the comments below or on Twitter.  Make sure to let me know how terrible I am, however if you do that be ready for me to point out when I nailed it!  Best of luck and may your accounts be plentiful come Tuesday morning!

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