FanDuel Financial Information

Written By PlayPicks Staff on June 6, 2014 - Last Updated on June 27, 2018
FanDuel Financial Information

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In a startling but applauded move the industry leader in Daily Fantasy Sports released financial information on their website to the general public today. FanDuel has been on a historic rise from 2011 until present day. Projecting out the numbers that FanDuel could continue to generate in revenue seems almost futile with how quickly they have grown. Although we all noticed the historic growth from 2012 to 2013 football season, it will be interesting to see the scope of growth that we have coming up for 2014.

 “After generating $5.3 million in revenue in Q1 of 2014 we are projecting around $6.5 million in Q2, and around $40 million for the year.”


Period Entry Fees Winnings Revenue Paid Actives
Q1 2011 $1,356,459.00 $1,221,099.00 $135,360.00 3,158
Q2 2011 $2,327,386.00 $2,096,015.00 $231,371.00 4,370
Q3 2011 $2,551,689.00 $2,297,142.00 $254,547.00 10,846
Q4 2011 $5,275,634.00 $4,744,941.00 $530,693.00 17,251
Q1 2012 $6,298,645.00 $5,740,136.00 $558,509.00 11,115
Q2 2012 $9,792,395.00 $8,919,258.00 $873,137.00 16,744
Q3 2012 $11,503,206.00 $10,457,749.00 $1,045,457.00 49,768
Q4 2012 $27,064,590.00 $24,583,723.00 $2,480,867.00 69,061
Q1 2013 $19,879,141.00 $18,067,358.00 $1,811,783.00 39,289
Q2 2013 $26,690,876.00 $24,279,250.00 $2,411,626.00 42,812
Q3 2013 $31,344,103.00 $28,720,715.00 $2,623,388.00 130,451
Q4 2013 $81,471,960.00 $74,060,823.00 $7,411,137.00 192,942
Q1 2014 $62,712,251.00 $57,335,607.00 $5,376,644.00 110,032
14-Apr $31,808,875.00 $29,389,316.00 $2,419,559.00
14-May $26,474,558.00 $24,443,381.00 $2,031,177.00
14-Jun $26,848,550.00 $24,799,286.00 $2,049,264.00
Total Q2 2014 $85,131,983.00 $78,631,983.00 $6,500,000.00
2nd Half 2014 $458,532,301.00 $419,787,782.00 $38,744,519.00


This should be music to daily fantasy sports player’s ears. To hit this very real expectation FanDuel would have to generate as much revenue in one quarter as they have since 2011. If the expectation to grow that big is there then FanDuel could be paying out a total prize pool amount of close to $500,000,000 in the second half of 2014. That is half a billion dollars in 6 months’ time. If we thought the industry grew at an alarming rate from 2012 to 2013 then FanDuel is basically telling us to buckle our seat belts because we have not seen anything yet. The World Fantasy Baseball Championship in August will be a drop in the bucket of this half a billion dollars but FanDuel has no signs of slowing down into football season.


Positioning and preparation for this historic second half to daily fantasy sports is paramount for those dedicated players as there is no better time than now to make some piles of cash from daily fantasy sports. The next year or two could be the closest thing we ever have to a poker boom of daily fantasy sports. Elevating your game and evaluating the play of others will be required to make any sort of lasting impact on daily fantasy sports. We here at PlayPicks are positioning ourselves for the second half of the daily fantasy sports year. Daily fantasy football is right around the corner and with that we are ramping up our coverage to give you as many tools and resources as we can to make you a successful daily fantasy sport player.


FanDuel Financial Information

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