NFL Week 9 DFS Stacking Options

Written By PlayPicks Staff on November 6, 2015 - Last Updated on June 27, 2018

I can’t believe the NFL season is nearly half way over.  It still feels like the season is just getting started.  This is when DFS can really start heating up and I’m excited to say the least.  With Week 9 under way, I have outlined my top DFS stacks for the weekend below.

QB/WR Stacks


Well let’s get started with my top option for the weekend and that is Eli Manning/Odell Beckham JR. They get to take on a weak TB pass defense and they both are coming off of an impressive week 8 game in which set all sorts of records and highs. At some point Eli has to realize he is at his best when he is getting the ball into ODB’s hands and we have already seen how his catch radius is ridiculous. My second option for week 9 is going to be Matt Ryan/Julio Jones going up against the white flag waiving SF 49ers. I know Matt Ryan has struggled a bit recently, however these two were on the same page early and often last week and I expect that to continue. You will see in a bit that I also like the Falcon running game a little bit. My third combination is going to be Tom Brady/Julian Edelman as I expect the Patriots to continue to just steam roll through the season against the Redskins. There really is not much more to be said as you certainly could argue any Tom Brady stack should be number 1. My last two combinations are playing in the same game and they might not be ones that immediately stand out to you, however I think this game offers a ton of passing yards. I really love Philip Rivers/Stevie Johnson and Jay Cutler/Alshon Jeffery. I think with the Chargers you can certainly look to add Antonio Gates as is the case with the Bears as they have a legit TE in Martellus Bennett. I think the Rivers/Johnson duo is going to shock some people as I expect Stevie to be the main beneficiary of Keenan Allen’s injury.


RB/DEF Stacks


My top duo is going to be Devonta Freeman/Atlanta as they get to take on an offense that just benched their QB, lost a couple of RB’s to injury and traded away their TE. Freeman should be able to continue his solid play and hopefully he gets back to his TD scoring ways. I am going to go with Todd Gurley/St Louis for my second choice as I think Gurley is just on such a roll that he is going to run over whoever he plays against. The Vikings have a solid defense and it may be somewhat of a tough match-up but you have to run with the hot hand. The Vikings offense turns the ball over a bit and the Rams defense is playing pretty well right now. My third combination is Chris Ivory/NY Jets as Ivory will probably be leaned on a bit to protect Fitzpatrick and the best way for him to do that is to be pounding the ball. The Jets defense has had some let down spots, however I think they have the ability to shut down the Jaguars offense in this one. The last combination I want to bring up to you is whoever your preferred Denver RB is paired with the Denver D. Right now I lean to Ronnie Hillman, however C.J. Anderson did come alive a bit last weekend and he could be motivated. The Colts are very susceptible to the run and the Broncos could put up a huge running day in this one. We also know that Andrew Luck LOVES to turn the ball over which the Broncos love to take advantage of with pick-6’s.


Returner/DEF Stacks


I think my top option is Tavon Austin/St Louis. Austin is so dangerous that they try to get the ball into his hands in many different ways and he seems to rack up points, quietly at times. My number two option is me returning to the Giants and looking at Dwayne Harris/NY Giants. Harris has become a bigger part of the offense and is extremely dangerous as a returner. The Giants face a turnover prone QB in Jameis Winston, that should be all you need to know. My third option is Jarvis Landry/Miami as this one leans more to the Landry side of things, however the Dolphins defense has been playing pretty inspired football since the coaching change.

There you have it for week 9. Hopefully you find this a huge help and if you have any questions or concerns make sure you hit me up on Twitter. Best of luck!!

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