NFL Defensive Backfield Matchup Tool

Written By PlayPicks Staff on September 9, 2015 - Last Updated on September 10, 2015
NFL Defensive BackField Matchup Tool

One of the missing pieces to most people’s NFL DFS research is the ability to evaluate matchups on a positional level. Since we think that the wide receiver vs defensive back matchup is the most times that a 1 on 1 situation is created in the NFL we thought we would provide a tool for DFS players to analyze these matchups. What we have created are team profiles focusing on the defensive back unit for all 32 teams. These will be updated throughout the season to give you the latest analysis on how a teams defensive backs are performing. We also have a cheatsheet that lists all defensive backs throughout the league. The CheatSheet Fields are as follows:








Pos: this is based on team depth chart and may not be where the player lines up 100% of the time


Status: Generally how often the player plays in a given game. Starters will see the majority of snaps. Nickel is used to identify the 5th defensive back on a team and is a defensive scheme used in passing downs. Dime is used to identify the 6th defensive back on a team and is a defensive scheme used in long passing downs.


Primary Coverage: Column used to identify where the player lines up the majority of the time. Some play shadow coverage where they track the other teams best receiver and some corners tend to stick to one side or the other.


Projected Snaps: A percentage used to identify how often that player will be on the field. Since we have limited data and no snap counts this is based on status but we will update once the season progresses to reflect accurate snap percentages.


Dominator Ranking: Column used to rank all defensive backs based on a number of inputs to determine the most dominant in the NFL. 100% is the best defensive back in the league and down to 0% is the worst. Look to target DBs to the low end of this range if possible.


Snaps/Rec: Column that calculates the amount of snaps a defensive back plays to how many receptions they allow. A higher number shows the player is more stingy in coverage.


Targets/Recs: Column that calculates the amount of targets at a defensive back to how many receptions they allow. A higher number shows a defensive back that is solid at breaking plays up when a QB throws his way.


TDs Allowed: Shows the amount of touchdowns that have been allowed by this player in coverage.


We will continue to add, edit and change columns on this table. If there is something you would like to see added or changed get at us on twitter. We hope you find it useful.

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