CBS Sports
CBS Sports

CBS Sports rolled out their Daily Fantasy focused product this morning with very little fanfare or announcements coming from any major sites. Taking a similar route as Yahoo, this appears like a soft launch in order to prep for the NFL season.  As first reported by ReCode, SportsLine looks like an all encompassing daily fantasy sports product which offers not only games for daily grinders to participate in but also a monthly subscription service that offers Sports Data, Projections and loads of other useful stats and content. It looks like CBS Sports is the first site to offer not only a daily fantasy game option but also immediately a paid for service site that offers insight, articles and stats to help daily gamers. As far as the DFS platform, not many games are in the lobby but the largest ones appear to be winner take all pick em style games where you select players from different tiers. Its possible that SportsLine will not directly compete with the traditional salary cap structured DFS giants and focus more on pick em style games… at least for the time being. And for maybe the most interesting announcement about the current DFS offering:


FanDuel Advertising


The announcement spurs questions related to CBS Sports advertising with FanDuel. In May, CBS Sports launched a Daily Fantasy Live show which focused on daily fantasy games and was sponsored by FanDuel. Now CBS Sports has brought back SportsLine and launched its own stand alone DFS platform today. Will advertising continue to happen on FanDuel or will CBS Sports focus solely on building its own product through the paid subscription service and converting players from the major sites to play on their DFS platform? The content website does still have an optimal lineup builder for both FanDuel and DraftKings contests but nothing for their own product right now. Most would assume that should be changing quickly.


Sports Betting References


With all of the recent discussion about daily fantasy sports and sports betting it is also noteworthy how focused the SportsLine content website appears to be on Vegas lines and offering “betting picks” on their homepage. On the left hand side are two different tables: one offering a look into experts favorite bets for the day with a grading of how strongly they feel about the over/under or moneyline offered for a game. The second table has public betting information to help people understand what side the majority of people are taking on a bet. Most of the content articles found on the homepage are also focused on sports betting concepts and not daily fantasy sports concepts.  This only continues to blur the lines between sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Is it a significant problem for the DFS industry is a question that will need to be answered later on down the road.