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Written By PlayPicks Staff on March 17, 2015 - Last Updated on June 27, 2018

Since tournament time is upon us I wanted to take a quick step back and look at some strategy ideas in order to differentiate yourself from the field in the College Basketball Postseason. We have survivor tournaments at both FanDuel and DraftKings along with the regularly formatted DFS contests but entering into this post season time we do have some changes that need to be taken into account. We are also going to start having daily CBB Stats for the NCAA and NIT tournament powered by BrainyDFS.


NIT Tournament


I will start with the NIT as that is what most of tonight’s slate has to offer us.  The NCAA is experimenting with a 30 second shot clock during the NIT and this should not be pushed off to the side.  This is really going to increase some value in some of the slow tempo teams.  Just from a numbers perspective, this takes 1/7th of the shot clock away and should in theory create a 7th more possessions for a team.  This would mean that a team that normally plays at 63 possessions will end up around 72 possessions.  Obviously this is just in theory and we will know more after a few games have been played.  The teams that generally slow it down, may try to speed up a bit more than that as its an adjustment period.


Make sure to do your research on all of the teams.  Especially with the NIT we end up with a lot of teams that we have not had the chance to use all season.  Do not look at this as a bad thing, it allows you to be totally objective and allows your research to do the talking.  With the NIT, you have to realize that a lot of the smaller schools are loving the chance to continue to play and there are some of the bigger schools who have players that are pretty upset about not making the Big Dance and may just pack it in.  It is really tough to predict, but generally after the first round of the NIT you will have an idea of who wants to win it.


NCAA Tournament


As far as the NCAA tournament, it is time for stars to shine and every year we end up learning a lot about guys who might have been under the radar all season but get the big stage.  The smaller schools generally have a big time stud that they run out there and rely on to put up 30+% of their shots.  Some of these guys feel like they have something to prove and may be worth the risk to ride them for a round as they certainly are going to be the one to put up the shots in any important times.  With the second round (formally referred to as the first round) having such seed discrepancy, it may be beneficial to try and focus on tighter games that should be back and forth while trying to avoid the players on the number 1 seeded teams etc.  I am not saying those players will not make value as those teams are still going to put up a lot of points, but they become harder to predict in blowout situations.  Taking Kentucky for example, I would assume they will be a 40 point favorite in what will be a laugher.  With that being the case, I would assume Kentucky would run out 10+ guys and stay pretty balanced as far as fantasy point totals.


There will be jam packed action going on and don’t get carried away with letting it all ride on just one day and give up after that.  Also, realize every year that there are players that just go on a magical ride during the tourney and we will want to identify them and ride them all the way to winning some cash.


Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I will gladly chat with you and answer any strategy type questions you might have when it comes to the NIT and NCAA Tourney Slates.



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