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Written By PlayPicks Staff on January 17, 2014 - Last Updated on June 20, 2018
NBA Plays

NBA Plays

Although we do not normally do this or plan to do it very often going forward today we are giving some of our best NBA plays on Fanduel due to the great tournaments that are running. We normally believe the old adage “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” So today we are giving you a fish but very soon we will teach you how to fish. We are focusing solely on tournament plays. Plays with high upside that are going to put you on top of a big tournament.  We will give you our plan along with some different ways to attack each position. We also build multiple lineups based on various game flow possibilities that are most likely to occur tonight.


NBA Plays

Nba Plays1



 Point Guard

The Point guard position is loaded tonight. It is frustrating that due to FanDuels  roster constraints it is only possible to get two people in at this position. Our plan is to attack a tournament with one or two lineups using two high priced point guards. A few lineups using a high and middle to low priced option and one entry using both mid to low priced options.

Stephen Curry – almost always the best point guard play on FanDuel. It will be interesting to see who matches up with him from OKC. It appears that Reggie Jackson will have that responsibility and sharing the same court with Durant, Curry could go lights out trying to one up Durant. We plan on squeezing him into a couple lineups and will add Durant in to as a overtime stud stack possibility.

Goran Dragic – has been on fire recently and that should only continue tonight in a matchup against the Mavericks. Leandro Barbosa appears to be out as well which will only increase his minutes and production.

Reggie Jackson – as good as the matchup would be for Curry it may be even better for Reggie Jackson. While Curry will be draining threes on the other end Reggie Jackson should have plenty of opportunities of his own to score which will make a great game stack in what should be a hotly contested matchup.

Mario Chalmers – he is finally back and at a reduced price which makes his matchup with the lowly 76ers all the more exciting. Be wary of a minute cap but if all systems are a go then he should have no problems exceeding value at his reduced price.

Shooting Guard

While it would be nice to get Demar or Wade in a lineup this seems to be a night another night to punt the shooting guard position on Fanduel and load up on point guard and small forward options. Because of this we will mainly be rolling with the bottom two mid value options at the position.

DeMar DeRozan – Mr. Consistent if you are spending at the shooting guard position on FanDuel. He is your best option and should be in play tonight.

Dwayne Wade – 76ers against the guard position. Everyone knows this is the ideal matchup to exploit in daily fantasy basketball. I will have a couple shares of Dwayne but probably will not go crazy.

J.J. Redick- He burst onto the scene on Wednesday with a monster performance. It looks like he will see a ton of opportunities well Chris Paul is out. He was running the point some on Wednesday and gives you a ton of freedom to spend elsewhere.

Gerald Green – Has to be the best value play of the night. At only $5,000 with the awful Monta Ellis pretending to guard him Gerald Green should reach value quickly. By throwing him into your lineups you can stack up on the studs that will separate you at different positions.

Small Forward

On certain nights one player goes off and it becomes absolutely mandatory for you to have him in your lineup in order to make any sort of cash in a tournament setting. Tonight feels like one of those nights for the top three options at small forward. Whether it be Durant trying to keep pace with Curry, The King trying to make up for his unkingly performance after not backing up his words or if it is Melo  trying to keep his Knicks in the game against the Clippers. We are going to do various lineups involving all three and stacking with one of the Johnsons. This mix and match combinations will hopefully help us strike gold on one of them. Tonight will be defined by who you have at the small forward position and we are going to have as many combinations of the big three as possible.

Kevin Durant- We will try one or two shares of Durantula. He does have Iguodola on him who is a very good defender. But with the way that Durant has been carrying OKC he is prone to go off on any night and it does not matter who is guarding him.

Lebron James- Was he just delayed in backing up his comments? It is possible and we do not want to go into tonight not having any lineups with King James in. He is the best player of this generation and sooner or later he should prove it.

Carmelo Anthony- His minutes are going through the roof and because of that his production is skyrocketing. He is slightly cheaper then the two ahead of him and will have us rolling him out in a number of lineups.

Wesley Johnson – Value play to squeeze in the top priced options at the position.

James Johnson– Value play to squeeze in the top priced options at the position.

Richard Jefferson– Value play to squeeze in the top priced options at the position.

Power Forward

Blake Griffin is always a high priced option but we are fading the power forward elites tonight and deciding to spend our money elsewhere. This could come back to bite us but with the amount of cheap options at the position we will be rolling out tons of combinations of the below.

Jared Sullinger- Starting to put it all together and produce at a reasonable price. He should have no problems hitting value tonight.

Miles Plumlee- Consistent rebounder seeing a ton of minutes will hit value.

Thaddeus Young – consistently getting it done. Cannot stray from his production.

Josh McRoberts – Getting the minutes to produce and should continue to do so .


Depending on the lineup I have constructed I will either be rolling with the high priced option of Al Jefferson some mid priced Chris Bosh , Anderson Varejao or Andre Drummond or go real cheap and roll with the depleted Knicks front court and roll with Tyson Chandler.

Al Jefferson- Been on a monster tear recently and this will only continue as he is the main option right now.

Chris Bosh- Monster game on Wednesday should be able to replicate that against the lowly 76ers defense.

Anderson Varejao – his mid range price tag is so appealing with the way he has been dominating the boards. Rebounds are almost 100% hustle and the floor that they provide in daily fantasy basketball is amazing. There is not a statistical category that is easier to predict then rebounds. Simply put they are consistet and Varejao is the best at racking them up.

Andre Drummond- Has the tools to do it every night but with the two other front court options the Pistons have it is very easy for him to get lost in the shuffle. I will use him sparingly across my GPP lineups tonight.

Tyson Chandler- Because who else is going to be out there for the Knicks?

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