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Written By Brian Sausa on January 19, 2022 - Last Updated on January 23, 2022

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and we’re on to the Divisional Round as the number of parlay articles we have left in the season continues to dwindle. But no time to be sad now, because we still have several weeks of action to enjoy and parlays to place, if you so choose.

Parlays are offered to bettors in various forms at online sportsbooks and below, we’ll demonstrate that as we make our 2022 NFL Divisional Round parlay picks. If you’re into other bet types aside from parlays, feel free to check out some of our other weekly NFL betting content:

2022 NFL Divisional Round Parlays | BEST PARLAY BETS THIS WEEK

*odds are subject to change after writing*

NFL Divisional Round Same Game Parlay Picks

At first glance, a slimmed-down schedule looks like it’d be more difficult to craft parlays. And while that can be true if you’re looking for a few different games, there’s also the option to place same-game parlays (SGPs) at most sportsbooks.

These bets allow you to combine multiple elements from the same game into one bet, enhancing the odds with each selection, and SGPs are perfect for the postseason when there’s only one game on at a time.

This is your chance to go for a massive payout if you choose. The below parlay is for the Bengals vs. Titans game on Saturday and it gives us +2000 odds at DraftKings Sportsbook:

  • Cincinnati Bengals +3.5
  • Under 51.5 Alternate Total
  • Ryan Tannehill Under 249.5 Passing Yards
  • Joe Burrow Over 229.5 Passing Yards
  • A.J. Brown Over 59.5 Receiving Yards
  • C.J. Uzomah Over 24.5 Receiving Yards
  • Joe Mixon Over 49.5 Rushing Yards

The Bengals are playing in Joe Burrow’s first road playoff game while the Titans get all-world RB Derrick Henry back in the fold. The thing is, we aren’t really believers in this Tennessee defense and expect Cincinnati to exploit it in the run game despite all its weapons in the passing game. Because both teams want to run the ball, we’ll take the under with a few points added.

As for the player props, they simply correlate with how we see the game going. Tannehill should be feeding Derrick Henry primarily in this one so we think he goes under, while A.J. Brown goes over 59.5 yards (his total is around 73.5) due to the volume he’ll see when Tennessee does throw it.

With Joe Mixon leading the way against a bad run defense, the Bengals’ offense should have some success. Burrow’s yardage prop is a little too high for us but this adjusted total gives us some confidence, as does his connection with C.J. Uzomah of late. The tight end has seen at least six targets in five of his last six games played.

Divisional Round Parlay Picks | Side/Total Parlays

For any NFL game, bettors can also link the moneyline or spread together with the over/under without any of the props. This is technically still a same-game parlay, but one that is just correlating between a team and the total.

Correlation bets featuring a team and the total are growing in popularity and are offered in diverse ways. You can choose to build these yourself with the sides and totals of your choice, or you can choose one of the pre-made options at a site such as FanDuel or BetMGM, among others.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET)

Packers ML & Under 50.5 (+150 or better): Is the road team capable of an upset? Sure. Everything for the 49ers starts with the run game and Green Bay’s porous run defense tied for the third-most yards per carry allowed (4.7) during the regular season. We expect to see the Niners move the ball on the ground, though we’ll find out whether the Packers force Jimmy G to beat them.

The reason we’re not taking the points is because of the possibility that Green Bay opens up a lead that forces the San Francisco offense to pass far more than it wants to. Without (or with compromised versions of) Nick Bosa and Fred Warner, two levels of the Niners’ defense suffers against an offense that ranked at the top of the league in EPA per play for most of the season.

We don’t need to go on and on about the Packers’ offense. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP favorite and Davante Adams is as close to unrecoverable as it gets, while the two of them together feels unfair against a susceptible Niners secondary. Green Bay didn’t lose a game at home this season so we aren’t going on a limb.

The total was around 49 and despite the cash coming in on the over, it has dropped to this point. Weather reports indicate a zero-degree wind chill and possible snow, but no major wind issues. Still, we think this one slows down at some points.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, 6 p.m. ET)

Chiefs -1.5 & Over 46.5 (+150 or better): Ignoring that this feels like the Bills’ breakthrough campaign after coming up short last season, we’re taking the Chiefs to win this game. When these are at their best, both feel pretty unbeatable, so something has to give and a case can be made for either side.

We already know Buffalo won the first installment 38-20 at Arrowhead and you can bet the Chiefs remember also. Here’s the million-dollar analysis you’ll get a thousand places this week: Kansas City doesn’t look quite the same as it did at that point of the season.

You can’t beat anyone but who is in front of you, but seven of Buffalo’s 17 games were against pretty awful opponents, and it’s part of why some of their surface stats are so off the charts (Jets 2x, Jaguars, Houston among them). This pass defense is absolutely elite but the run defense is leaky and even if you don’t think of KC as a running team, it makes a difference.

The Bills’ run defense ranked 27th in EPA per play over the last six weeks, while the Chiefs’ run game was consistently in the top 10 in that category over the last half of the season. The O-line’s run block win rate is in the top five for the season, and we could see more of it against Buffalo than you’d originally expect.

But in the end, these quarterbacks make their respective offenses explosive. For that reason, points will ultimately be scored. But if you’re looking for where weakness could be exploited, it’s on the Bills’ defense more so than any other unit for us.

NFL Divisional Round Parlay Picks | Three-Leg Parlay

There are an infinite number of options to choose from each week, it can be tough to narrow things down. And while a 10-leg parlay for hundreds or thousands of dollars is what you see on social media, most winning parlays look very different.

It’s always fun going for a huge payday, but there’s a much better chance of actually coming out on top if sticking to just a couple of legs at manageable odds. In the playoffs, we’re kind of forced to limit the number of games, and that can be a good thing.

This week, we’re getting +359 odds at DraftKings for the following three legs:

  • Bengals +7.5 (-210)
  • Packers/49ers First Half Under 24.5 (-150)
  • Rams +3 (-115)

We’re taking two underdogs, though the Bengals have an alternate line. The spread is three points and Cincy could very well cover it, but we’re taking a full touchdown with the very first leg due to the possible impact Derrick Henry can have on this game. It does chew some value from the bet but the ultimate result is still 3.5 times your investment.

The Niners and Packers both have strong offenses that are absolutely capable of scoring. But the 49ers want to make this a possession battle and hopefully can do a good enough job running the ball and chewing clock. The zero-degree wind chill isn’t the same as swirling winds or snow, but playing on the frozen tundra that is Lambeau Field certainly won’t add to the offense.

The Rams’ demolition of Arizona probably said more about the Cardinals than anyone else, and the Bucs’ demolition of the Eagles probably reminded everyone that it doesn’t matter who Tom Brady is throwing to.

That said, both teams are taking on totally different animals this week and we’re taking the road underdogs and the points. Much of this is based on Los Angeles’ pass rush, which should have some success against an offensive line dealing with injuries, the biggest one being to Tristan Whirfs (ankle). Brady was sacked four times and with Aaron Donald and Von Miller bearing down, the lack of weapons on the outside could come more into play.

The playoff monkey is off Matthew Stafford’s back and despite being banged up, all he needs to do is avoid the big mistake since he’s got two-headed monsters at RB and WR. This is a hell of a start to Sunday of the Divisional Round.

2022 NFL Divisional Round Betting Odds


Parlays are bets which consist of two or more selections, resulting in the odds being boosted higher than you’d see from a typical straight bet. The potential to win much more than you risk is one of the reasons why parlays are so popular.

Exact parlay odds depend on multiple factors including the number of selections and the exact lines of each one, but all parlays will feature enhanced odds in some fashion. Remember that all legs of your parlay need to win for you to receive the full payout, and a push will remove the selection and keep the parlay alive.

You can include moneylines, spreads, totals, and even props in many cases, and bettors can choose to link together just two sides, or up 12 or more depending on the sportsbook. Parlays are wholly customizable, meaning bettors get to choose how big they want the odds to go, how many sides will be included, and how difficult to make each leg of the parlay.

While some bettors want high odds and a huge payday, just like you see on social media. But just because the occasional big wins are what you see go viral, they are closer to the exception and not the rule.

The way to establish consistency is to have just two or three sides and avoid chasing astronomical odds. Of course, it’s fine to take your shot at a massive payout as well, but be sure to only risk money you’re prepared to lose.

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