Last night was a monumental one, as only the highest of scores would guarantee some winnings. Tonight won’t come even close, as a shaky four-game slate will provide inconsistency and eruption. When playing such a small slate, it’s hard to cherry pick players from the most ideal games, but still try your hardest to do so. Avoid CHI/LAL, and target MIL/ORL, which has the highest total of the evening. Let’s get right into the position breakdown.


Point Guard


Point guard is surprisingly hearty tonight, despite so little to choose from. Derrick Rose is an ideal play on paper, but the Bulls are bound to blow the Lakers out of the water. His low price tag is tempting, but I recommend targeting the similarly-priced Brandon Knight instead. Knight is as consistent as they come at the position, and he’s playing in a  game that should come down to the wire.


The value play tonight that many will be targeting is Langston Galloway, and it’s easy to see why. He’s extremely cheap amongst all sites, and he’s been knocking his value out of the water almost every single night. Jose Calderon will be playing tonight, which will kick Galloway to shooting guard, a position that the Pacers struggle to defend. Galloway will give you some freedom to target a higher-priced counterpart, and he should be implemented into every line-up, GPP or cash.


Shooting Guard


Shooting guard is a tricky position tonight. Jimmy Butler is the only high-priced guy, and there are too many factors going against him (Blow-out risk, returning from illness, inconsistent). Oladipo has a good match-up, but I don’t feel confident enough to pay $7000 for the guard on both FanDuel and DraftKings. Therefore, my ideal play for the night is the young buck, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Magic have struggled to defend anyone lately, and Giannis is heavily-used in Jason Kidd’s offense. With a median price of only $5600, it’s hard to say no.


A hidden treasure I’ll be deploying without hesitation tonight is Jordan Clarkson. Although he’s listed as a shooting guard, he plays as the starting point guard for Los Angeles. Whenever I have the opportunity to use a fresh starting PG for near-minimum price, I pull the trigger. The Bulls are 15th in the league when it comes to defending the 1, but Clarkson will record a ton of minutes tonight, allowing him to fill up the stat sheet.


Small Forward


Carmelo is most likely sitting this one out tonight, which is a shame given the ideal environment he’d play in. After Melo, there’s about a 3k price drop-off, which is extremely dramatic and inconvenient. Whether you want to or not, you’ll have to target the median-priced guys. My favorite of the bunch is Khris Middleton, and thankfully his price hasn’t caught up this production. I particularly like him in GPPs, as he can easily hit 7x his value.


Another guy I’m entertaining is Wilson Chandler. He had a disappointing outing last night, and his match-up vs. the Grizzlies tonight is perhaps even more difficult. However, his price vs. his potential is always appealing, and he doesn’t have much competition to go up against tonight at small forward. If you would like to go significantly cheaper, Lance Thomas makes for a good play, as long as Carmelo doesn’t suit up.


Power Forward


There is only one combo I’ll be rolling out at power forward tonight, and I highly recommend that you do the same. Both Zach Randolph and Pau Gasol are high-priced, but their ceiling is sky-high. Given the unavailable high-priced commodities at many positions tonight, there is no excuse to fit these two into your line-ups. If you’d like to take the huge drop-off in David West or Kenneth Faried, be my guest; but it is not even in the cards for me.




There are some decent options at center tonight, and it’s truly up to viewer discretion. There are two options I love: One expensive, and one cheap. Let’s start with the Big Kahuna, Nikola Vucevic.


Vucevic as been engulfed in flame as of late, posting double-doubles like it’s nobody’s business. He has the ability to put up at least 60 FPTs, and has a good chance to do so tonight against a Bucks team that is dealing with a thin interior. Vucevic is the most expensive option amongst all sites, but if you can fit him in your line-up, he won’t disappoint. Many people will be playing Marc Gasol tonight instead, but he has been slowly slipping alongside the eruption of Z-Bo.

My value play at center is Jusuf Nurkic. For his inexpensive price tag, he is as consistent as they come. If you need a fairly inexpensive big man for your cash line-up, I highly recommend Nurkic. However, for GPPs, it would be in your best interest to target a high-priced big man that can explode at a moment’s notice.


As always, if you have any questions, I will be on Twitter all day long @bobbyagnese. Good luck tonight!