SugarHouse Online Casino launched its sportsbook in the last week of August 2018. The site is now reporting that New Jersey revenues have more than doubled for the month of September.

“We’re very happy with the numbers we are seeing,” said Mattias Stetz, Coo of Rush Street Interactive, in a press release.  “We see that the player base is continuing to grow as the word spreads.”

Exact numbers are a bit hard to come by, at this point. The New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement has not released the figures from September yet.

SugarHouse’s revenues are folded into the entry for Golden Nugget, anyway. As is the case with many New Jersey sites, SugarHouse had to partner with a land-based casino in order to operate in the state. So, it may be difficult to parse out the exact figures even when the state does release the data.

However, the claim is not terribly far-fetched. In August 2018 alone, sports betting in New Jersey accounted for nearly $100 million in revenue.

September means football season

Part of the spike in SugarHouse’s revenue is due to the immense popularity of football in the US. Regardless of the legality of sports betting, September typically sees an uptick in activity on both NFL and collegiate football games.

In fact, SugarHouse is reporting that bets have doubled in volume since football season began. SugarHouse capitalizes on this particular phenomenon due to its extensive in-play betting options.

On a single football game, the site will offer more than 50 different bets for players to invest. Some of the betting options include:

  • number of touchdowns either quarterback will throw
  • the result of a particular drive
  • whether a team can cover the spread, presumably on a quarter-by-quarter basis

SugarHouse also benefits from a live ticket system similar to the one at DraftKings Sportsbook. Both systems allow players to cash out their tickets early, but at a discounted payout that makes it a win-win for both player and SugarHouse.

We rely on our mobile devices for betting, too

One of the truths about living in America is our increasing reliance on our mobile devices. That seems to be true for sports betting, too.

In fact, SugarHouse is reporting that 80 percent of all bets occurred through mobile device wagering. That’s a major shift in approach, considering that the app has only been available for a month.

Still, part of SugarHouse’s appeal is its integration. Players can access both the online casino and online sportsbook from the same interface.

There is also only one wallet for each player that transfers across both functions. So, a player who wants to play slots but also bet on a Jets game can do so seamlessly.

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