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There have been many stories of excessive juice and regional bias in the early weeks on sports betting expansion. That trend does not seem to apply to NFL Week 1 games.

We compared available NFL lines from Station Casinos, Westgate and William Hill in Nevada with those found at the DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey. The numbers were relatively consistent with a few outliers.

The most obvious difference in point spreads between Nevada and New Jersey sportsbooks is the NFL kickoff game. The Philadelphia Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 6.

William Hill and Westgate posted the Eagles at -3.5. Station Casinos has -4 on Philadelphia. FanDuel in New Jersey also has -4, while DraftKings has -4.5 -104.

While there is some variance in the point spreads, the only difference in the moneylines at these sportsbooks is the juice. Station, William Hill, DraftKings and FanDuel all offer +170 on the Falcons. William Hill has the Eagles -190. This is the best price available from the surveyed sportsbooks. Station’s price is -200. FanDuel offers -205. DraftKings requires $210 to win $100. Westgate does not have moneylines posted at this time.

This is not the only game where DraftKings offers the worst moneyline. Of the 16 Week 1 NFL games, DraftKings had the worst price on the underdog in 10. In seven of these games, DraftKings was alone at the bottom without a matching price from another sportsbook in our survey.

New Jersey betting outlier on Bears at Packers

DraftKings and FanDuel match the Nevada point spread for Bears at Packers. However, the moneylines are noticeably different.

• William Hill: -420/+340
• Station: -450/+325
• DraftKings: -360/+280
• FanDuel: -360/+290

This follows the trend of most moneyline underdogs having a worse price in New Jersey overall when compared to the two Nevada sportsbooks we surveyed. This is partly because the vig at DraftKings is generally the worst among the four sportsbooks.

Varying point spread prices at DraftKings Sportsbook

Another oddity DraftKings data shows that does not appear at other sportsbooks is that six of its NFL Week 1 point spreads have more juice on one side. Four of these games are at three or a half-point off. Another is a one-point spread. The other is 4.5 points. In five of these games, the spread between the required lay on both sides is more than 20 cents.

Westgate is the only sportsbook in this survey that has one side of a spread juiced more than the other in any game. It is on the Chiefs at Chargers game, where it hung -3.5 +100 on the Chargers. The spread is the typical 20 cents. Station, William Hill and FanDuel deal -110 on all point spreads for NFL Week 1 action. Totals at all books are -110.

DraftKings Sportsbook has the highest juice on moneylines

DraftKings spreads on moneylines tend to be at least five cents higher than any other book on most bets. The exception is Station. That book has larger spreads in the lopsided Bears at Packers and Jets at Lions games.