DraftKings Updates DFS Rewards Program

Posted By Grant Lucas on July 25, 2018

DraftKings has not forgotten its roots.

Yes, the daily fantasy sports giant is inching closer to making its debut in the sports betting industry thanks to its New Jersey partnership with Resorts, and the spotlight continues to shine on the company as it breaks away from DFS.

That said, DraftKings is not shedding its DFS dominance. In fact, it has updated its rewards program.

Beefing up its stronghold

The runaway success and popularity of DFS is due in large part to DraftKings, as well as its chief rival FanDuel. Over the past year, powered by that duo, the industry has generated over $3 billion in entry fees and pulled down a cool $335 million in revenue.

Recently, DraftKings overtook FanDuel as the top DFS company in Pennsylvania. Now the company has modernized its rewards program to continue its dominance.

Gone are the frequent player points, which have been replaced by “crowns” for players to redeem. In are “experience points” to move up levels and earn added bragging rights for expertise.

What are crowns?

It’s all about entering paid contests here.

Each dollar spent to enter such contests results in one earned crown. Crowns, according to the DraftKings website, “determine your Daily Rewards Status Tier each month.” And each tier results in daily rewards the following month.

Rewards include additional crowns as well as contest tickets and DraftKings dollars to be spent in the shop. Below is the Daily Rewards Status Tier:

  • Bronze: 100 crowns per month
  • Silver: 500 crowns per month
  • Gold: 2,000 crowns per month
  • Platinum: 10,000 crowns per month
  • Diamond: 25,000 crowns per month
  • Black: 125,000 crowns per month

And what about Experience Points?

Here, it’s all about placing high and playing a ton.

Competing in any DraftKings contest and placing high leads to experience points (XP). The more XP accrued, players reach higher levels and essentially earn badges at each stop. Current XP will be retroactive to past contests and results, according to DraftKings.

From 1 to 91, badges are earned every 10 levels. This is all about bragging rights, and the badge and title that comes with it does the boasting for players.

Other programs around

These two new programs are obviously intended to drive up and sustain DraftKings’ user database.

They are added to programs such as daily missions that players can complete to stack up rewards quicker and boost their Daily Rewards Status Tier.

To boot, there is also an MLB Achievements program, and DraftKings noted that more sports will come soon. In the MLB program, players can earn additional crowns for a variety of daily achievements:

  • Enter any paid MLB contest: 5 crowns
  • Enter at least 3 lineups into any paid MLB contest: 10 crowns
  • Play in a paid private MLB contest: 15 crowns
  • Play more than 1 paid MLB game style: 20 crowns
  • Complete all four goals: 100 crowns

On top of that, there are also season achievements to earn even more crowns.

All of this to say that DraftKings has certainly not forgotten how it became a DFS giant. And it is determined to continue its reign as DFS king.

No word on how the rewards program will work for DraftKings Sportsbook, but perhaps this is a sneak peek into how it may be structured.

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