hardfour lineup
hardfour lineup

There were a lot of good sweats last night. We have a new DraftKings Millionaire and a Fanduel half Millionaire. We saw Big Ben and Tom go off again and a Kicker take someone all the way up to a great 2nd place payout. The top RB play of the week turned out to actually be the top play of the week across the board and even with a high ownership percentage he took lineups to the promised land. Every week there is a ton of excitement in these tournaments with a ton of different lineup combinations to look at.  There was certainly a lot less scoring this week in the major NFL tourneys compared to last week, but all that matters is that you score the most points. (Don’t you miss John Madden) It will be interesting to see how the Millionaire Makers fills with the price going up to $40 for an entry but for now we can take a look back at it and the other major tournaments across the DFS landscape.


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DraftKings Tournaments



What can only be described as “a tour de force” Hardfour won both the Millionaire Maker and the NFL Sunday 300 Grand. He also had a lineup take second place in the 300 Grand and 12th in the Milly Maker as well making him over a million dollars this weekend on DraftKings. He hung on to the top spots in each of the tournaments throughout both Sunday and Monday Night Football as a few lineups made their way towards the top with HighlifeATX having a strong push on SNF with yet another outburst from Antonio Brown. Jeremy Hill was a staple in his and almost 40 percent of the fields lineups but he was a non-fade this weekend. Brady and Gronk had another great week and (I’m sure we all need to strap in for more of the same) and with the addition of the low owned Alfred Morris and Mike Evans, he had enough to stay on top after the late slate of games had ended. The wind did not scare off this new Millionaire. Check out the winning lineup below.


hardfour lineup
hardfour lineup



There was a lot more action on DraftKings this weekend as a few more people punched their tickets to the Bahamas. Dinkpiece  ODB’ed his way to Atlantis in the $12 qualifier. It was a fun night for everyone who was tuned into to DKTV to watch him sweat out the end of MNF live. If you have the time you should go back and re watch Monday Night Sweats on DKTV listen to his strategy for his late swaps to give him the edge in the tourney. There has been a lot of late swap talk this week and Dinkpiece played it perfectly to give himself a chance. Knowing that one of his opponents had Rueben Randle he swapped out Randle for ODB and rode it to the top. Great play and a great win. Fvacc23 won the $200 dollar queue with a late Monday Night sweat with a Eli/ODB cuff that slowly edged out GrindersCal as the night went on. Eli did put up a serviceable 26.16 DraftKings points this week. Once again a player not scared off by something like the wind or Vontae Davis. Dandydon took down his $1000 qualifier with Tannehill. I want to say Tannehill and Wallace handcuff but Wallace didn’t put up a game worth remembering.It was enough to secure a ticket to play for a million and another entry into the KOTB.


FanDuel Tournaments


We didn’t have a sweeping winner like we did on DraftKings this week on Fanduel but we still have a big winner of course. thedienasty took home the top prize of $500,000 dollars in this weeks NFL Sunday Million and it was Big Ben and Antonio Brown hooking up again for another great game and Mike Evans who was as low owned as Ben to put him in the top spot before MNF. He didn’t have much of a sweat until the Colts got into field goal range enough to see Vinatieri rack up 19 FD points during the game. It wasn’t enough for whiteoakthugs to pull into first, but it shifted him up into 2nd place. When you look at the second place lineup you’ll see that he really hit on the defense which is very important yet usually underrated position to draft. Take a look and study the winning lineup below.


thedienasty lineup
thedienasty lineup




Fanduel also had their usual set of qualifiers for their live finals as well so take a look at all the results. The FFFC had 6 qualifiers with a total of 7 tickets to the live event in Vegas. A few of the usual great DFS players grabbed their tickets in the high dollar events as both lovesbases and comox_warrior won their respective queues. comox had a sweat at the end having Larry Donnell going against ODB. Donnell would score him just enough to come out on top by just over a point. lovesbases had a Luck/Hilton cuff with ODB chasing him down at the end but his choice of Gronk and Ellington gave him enough to win, while himself having Beckham Jr. Big Ben and Brown put texasboy512, heybaby33, tsatullo, btrodgers14, and rizzo100 over the top to win their qualifiers and even though many were chased, like in most of the tournaments, by ODB he still only put up 19.6 FD points while Evans, Brown, and Maclin all put over 25 points on the FanDuel board.


Fanduel’s PFC is creeping up on us as it takes place  near the end of November. In four qualifiers there were 13 tickets to be had. No one who qualified for the FCCC qualified for the PFC this week but a lot of these players who were close to getting a FCCC ticket, many did win a trip to the Playboy Mansion. jreynolds90, stoots4, yancy70, and kq07jr4 took the top four spots to qualify in the $2 queue. geostygma, matt6232, darealtiger, killab2482 and andyherb took down the 5 spots in the $5 queue. killab2482 scored another 2 tickets in the  $50 qualifier as well. cleibow2 and braskey took down the 2 tickets in the high dollar $535 queue.


Fantasy Aces Football Championship Qualifier


Another live event that’s coming up fast and happens to be the same weekend as Fanduel’s PFC is the FAFC. After this week only 2 spots remain and this week in comeback fashion Scorpio71 sweat through MNF with an Eli/ODB/Donnell stack that ended up scoring a combined 55.85 FA points to win him the ticket by more than 10 points. It was an exciting qualifier to watch live with the two QB format in play. Mirage88 came storming up the ranks as well by stacking up on the MNF game. With TY scoring less than Hopkins and Gronk, Scorpio71 had enough to sweat away a victory and the trip the Newport Beach. Check out his winning roster below and the qualifiers results.


scorpio lineup
scorpio71 lineup


Another great week and another round of applause and congratulations to this weeks winners. It is exciting to sweat along on twitter and DKTV and where ever you are at with the DFS community. We laugh, we cry, we learn all about “sweatetiquitte” and in the end a lot of money is payed out. As we prepare for Week 10 in the NFL, DFS is in full swing. Almost every night you’ll find NBA, NHL, SOC, CFB, and PGA games to get in on so we have a ton to look forward to in the coming weeks.