DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Lineups & Picks for April 1, 2018

Written By Nate Lawson on April 1, 2017 - Last Updated on April 1, 2018

MLB DFS DraftKings.com & FanDuel.com Lineups & Picks for April 1, 2018

Baseball is back with a full slate of MLB DFS games scheduled for Saturday, 4/1/18. The main slate on DraftKings includes eight games starting at 1:05 p.m. EST, while FanDuel’s main slate includes seven games starting at 1:05 p.m. EST.

For today, we’re listing our top MLB DFS pitchers, hitters, and stacks to target in Cash and GPP lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel. The info below can also be used for crafting your daily fantasy baseball strategy at FantasyDraft.

Please note the advice below is relevant for daily fantasy purposes. A player or team might be better or worse from a fantasy perspective than in real life due to matchup, price, and lots of other factors. This is important to consider when constructing a roster. Remember that more than in other sports, variance is a huge part of baseball. Even Paul Goldschmidt can go 0-for-4 on a given night, and Max Scherzer can get lit up by an unsuspecting team.

Weather can also play a huge role in MLB DFS on a nightly basis, and lineups are constantly shifting. So always, always check the starting lineups and weather reports when playing for an MLB slate.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All players from Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals will not accumulate any points today. That game has been postponed for a later date. These updates are noted below as two players had previously been selected as top plays from this game.


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Best MLB DFS Pitchers for April 1, 2018

Jason Hammel vs. CWS ($7.1K DraftKings, $5.8k FanDuel)

Well, I was wrong about Ian Kennedy. The veteran shut down the White Sox yesterday. So naturally I’m jumping on board with Kansas City for the remainder of this series. Jason Hammel will get the go on Sunday, and, like Kennedy, the veteran will look to start the season off on the right foot after several seasons of decline. I don’t love the weather in Kansas City, but the predicted 31 degrees at first pitch will likely be more of a hindrance for the White Sox. Chicago has started the season 2-0, and I strongly believe Kansas City will be adamant to avoid a sweep. Hammel’s veteran prowess and fresh arm should allow him to hit value, and Vegas has the Sox at 4.2 runs. That bodes well for Hammel’s floor. He’s a tournament option on DraftKings and FanDuel given his ceiling is one of the highest on the slate, and the White Sox offense probably isn’t good. Too early to know for sure, though.

UPDATE: This game has been postponed. Do not roster Jason Hammel. Or any Royal. Or any White Sox player.

Jose Quintana @ MIA ($11.7k DraftKings, $8.8k FanDuel)

Yu Darvish made me look silly yesterday, but we’re going back to the Cubbies today with Jose Quintana, a high-upside lefty with some filthy pitches in his arsenal. The Marlins have far exceeded my expectations over the first three games of the season, keeping up with the 2016 World Series champions with the series at 2-1 Chicago. But Vegas has the Marlins run total at 3.3 for today, and that’s enough for me to take a good long look at the Cubs fourth starter. Quintana went 7-3 as a Cub last season, striking out 98 batters in 84.1 innings. He has a high ceiling thanks to his K-potential, and the Marlins low expected run total just validates my belief that Quintana should build on a successful first stint on the North Side last season.

Luke Weaver @ NYM ($8.0k DraftKings, $7.8k FanDuel)

Weaver wrapped up 2017 with two negative point totals in his final two outings. But before that unfortunate collapse, the Cardinals prospect strung together six straight 20+ fantasy point outings in a row. He has blow up potential, for better or for worse. The Mets don’t have as many left-handed bats as they have had in recent season, since Neil Walker, Lucas Duda, and Curtis Granderson are all elsewhere, and Weaver allows a lower OBP to right handed bats. However, lefties outslug righties against Weaver, which has me a bit worried with Jay Bruce on the Mets. Still, Weaver should rack up, on average, at least one strikeout per inning, and Vegas has the Cardinals as very slight favorites in a low scoring game. Weaver is an excellent mid-range option with upside you want in tournaments.

Jacob Faria vs. BOS ($7.5k DraftKings, $6.4k FanDuel)

Most DFS players don’t like taking pitchers facing this Red Sox lineup, but Jacob Faria is at home in Tampa Bay with Vegas pegging this game as basically a coin-toss. That could have something to do with the fact that Faria allowed 3 hits on 29 at bats against the current Red Sox batters last season. Faria is a hopeful young prospect for Tampa Bay, and this season—his second in the league—will be a potential breakout season. I give Faria the edge in this early-season matchup, considering how little success the lineup has had against him historically. His 3.10 ERA at home last season is further support for the 24-year-old mid-range option. Look to roster him in GPPs mostly, though I think there is a cash game argument to be made as he saves you a ton of salary and could feasibly pick up a win.

Gerrit Cole @ TEX ($10.8k DraftKings)

He’s only available on DraftKings, and he’s super expensive. And Pittsburgh thinks he’s unfixable. There’s a ton not to love about Cole, but he can rack up strikeouts and he’s right-handed. Thus far in 2018 (yes, yes – it’s’ a small sample size), the Rangers boast an .820 OPS against left-handed pitchers, but they’ve managed just a .595 OPS against right-handed pitching. Cole has flashed upside in the past, and he’s always been this close to breaking through to the upper pitching tier. He couldn’t do it in Pittsburgh. I think he at least gets his Houston stint started off right in 2018.

Other pitchers to consider: Sonny Gray, Jose Berrios, Trevor Williams


Best MLB DFS Hitters for April 1, 2018

Aaron Judge @ TOR ($5.0k DraftKings, $4.1k FanDuel)

I have a feeling Brett Gardner will be a popular Yankee today as a lefty against the right-handed Stroman, but, in his three year career, Stroman has actually been better against left-handed bats (.683 OPS vs. left, .732 vs. right). Enter another popular play in Aaron Judge, who faced Stroman 12 times last year, with three singles and three home runs. With the makeup of the top of this Yankees order, Stroman will not have the luxury to pitch around Judge in all likelihood, and I expect the second-year slugger to go yard and actually be the main source of New York offense. Fire away in cash and GPP.

Chris Davis vs. MIN ($3.6k DraftKings, $2.7k FanDuel)

Chris Davis will potentially lead off again against Jose Berrios, a promising young starter who absolutely cannot hang with left handed batters. Berrios, in six career matchups with Davis, has allowed the lefty slugger to leave the yard once. That’s not a sample size worth valuing too much, but Berrios allowed a .783 OPS to lefties in 2017 compared to a .616 OPS to righties. That’s a pretty aggressive swing. Meanwhile, Davis had a .785 OPS against right-handed pitchers last year compared to a .619 OPS vs. right-handers. This matchup seems almost too perfect. Davis is an elite option today that I’m playing across the industry in both cash games and GPPs.

Alex Bregman @ TEX ($4.4k DraftKings)

Mike Minor has allowed a 50% higher OPS to right-handed bats than left-handed bats over the past three seasons, but it’s worth noting he hasn’t started a single game in that game span. It’s hard to imagine Minor will be able go deep in this game, but I’m still targeting Rangers right handed bats, given I have concerns about his arm stamina by making a start. Alex Bregman boasted a .974 OPS against left-handed pitchers in 2017, so I’m pulling the trigger on the third-year player, who should hit close to the top of the Astros order. In all honesty, you can consider any right-handed Astro, as the 2017 World Champions have arguably baseball’s best offense. Remember, that FanDuel’s main slate does not include this game.

Yoan Moncado @ KC ($3.9k DraftKings, $3.0k FanDuel)

While I like Jason Hammel today, Moncado jumps out given he has a single, a triple, and a home run in six career at bats against Hammel. He also is a switch hitter, who happens to have earned an OPS of .804 as a right-handed batter last year. From the other side of the plate, his OPS was just .640. Hammel’s best days are behind him, and while I still expect him to hit value—again making him a cash game option on DraftKings—Moncado could be responsible for the handful of runs Hammel likely will give up. The splits certainly scream GPP play, and I’ll be deploying the infielder on both DK and FD.

UPDATE: This game has been postponed. Moncado will not accumulate any points. You should not roster him, nor anyone else from the Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals contest.

Albert Almora @ MIA ($3.2k DraftKings, $2.1k FanDuel)

Albert Almora Jr. is cheap across the industry, and he happens to absolutely crush left-handed pitchers. Last season, he earned a .411 OBP against lefties compared to a .271 OBP against righties. Woof. Whenever the Cubs face a lefty, keep a close eye on where Almora slots into the batting order. If he bats at the top (or near the top) of the order, he’s a cash and tournament play. But if he lands near the bottom of the order, you’ll have to only deploy in tournaments. Stay tuned.

Other hitters to consider: Joe Mauer, Josh Harrison, Miguel Sano, Brian Dozier, Denard Span, Tommy Pham, Joey Rickard, Jose Altuve, Marwin Gonzalez, Eddie Rosario, George Springer, Kris Bryant


MLB DFS Stacks to Consider for April 1, 2018

Cubs vs. Dillon Peters (Marlins)
Twins vs. Kevin Gausman (Orioles)
Orioles vs. Jose Berrios (Twins)
Yankees vs. Marcus Stroman (Blue Jays)



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