DraftKings & FanDuel MLB DFS Lineups & Picks for March 30, 2018

Written By Nate Lawson on March 30, 2018

MLB DFS DraftKings.com & FanDuel.com Lineups & Picks for March 30, 2018

Baseball is back with a full slate of MLB DFS games scheduled for Friday, March 30. The main slate on DraftKings includes nine games starting at 7:07 p.m. EST, while FanDuel’s main slate also includes nine games starting at 6:07 p.m. EST.

For today, we’re listing our top MLB DFS pitchers, hitters, and stacks to target in Cash and GPP lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel. The info below can also be used for crafting your daily fantasy baseball strategy at FantasyDraft.

Please note the advice below is relevant for daily fantasy purposes. A player or team might be better or worse from a fantasy perspective than in real life due to matchup, price, and lots of other factors. This is important to consider when constructing a roster. Remember that more than in other sports, variance is a huge part of baseball. Even Paul Goldschmidt can go 0-for-4 on a given night, and Max Scherzer can get lit up by an unsuspecting team like the Padres.

Weather can also play a huge role in MLB DFS on a nightly basis, and lineups are constantly shifting. So always, always check the starting lineups and weather reports when playing for an MLB slate.


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Best MLB DFS Pitchers for March 30, 2018

David Price @ TB ($10.1K DraftKings, $8.5k FanDuel)

David Price may not be his team’s ace, but he can still spin a gem. And this one has all the makings for one, as Price has dominated the current Tampa Bay Rays roster. In 94 combined at bats against Price, they have managed a BA of .128 with one home run, three RBIs and five walks. Carlos Gomez skews that slightly, since he’s 0-for-14 against Price, but still, you get the point. Last season, Price struggled against his former team, losing each of his outings against them. But Tampa Bay has a very different roster this season, and it’s not for the better, at least not this early in the season. I’m inclined to believe their Opening Day magic was nothing more than an outlier, but even picking up the win on six runs, they couldn’t do much else outside of their game-deciding eighth inning. Price is safe, with strikeout upside and the Vegas odds on his side.

Robbie Ray vs. COL ($8.7k DraftKings, $9.5k FanDuel)

I feel like the humidor installation at Chase Field was one of the biggest stories of the summer for DFS players. While I don’t expect it to be that impactful, Robbie Ray was 8-1 on the road last season compared to 7-4 at home. As such, I expect Robbie Ray to throw heat and being largely unpredictable, just like he was last season, but maybe, just maybe, that humidor will make him an elite home pitcher. Ray is an ideal tournament option because he can rack up so many strikeouts, but usually is priced high enough to scare away the masses. The Rockies had the 11th most strikeouts last season, and Patrick Corbin tore through that lineup (at least early) last night. Ray is a tournament play industry-wide thanks to his enormous upside.

Kyle Hendricks @ MIA ($9.9k DraftKings, $8.2k FanDuel)

Hendricks’ is admittedly much more appealing on FanDuel, where he’s priced $1.5K cheaper, and that’s probably where I’m most inclined to roster him. Hendricks is not a power pitcher and doesn’t rack up too many strikeouts, but the Cubs are -216 favorites and the Miami Marlins lost their two of their three best hitters in the offseason. He’s a safe and consistent option in cash today, as he has been for a few years now.

Alex Wood vs. SF ($10.4k DraftKings, $8.4k FanDuel)

Though Wood has allowed a .277 BA to the current SF Giants roster over his career, in his last outing against them he managed seven innings, allowing four runs and notching five strikeouts en route to the win. That’s fine, but doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence. What might help is that the San Francisco Giants, though 1-0 to start the season, could only muster one run on Opening Day. That is representative of the Giants last season, as they quickly fell apart on offense and never found their stride. Wood, meanwhile, had a somewhat rough Spring Training, but he did that last year, too, and we know how that turned out (2.72 ERA in 2017).

Johnny Cueto @ LAD ($7.9k DraftKings, $7.8k FanDuel)

On the other side of Wood, the veteran Cueto has allowed a .293 average in 232 at bats to this Dodgers squad, but he’s notched 63 strikeouts against them as well (a 27% K-rate). While I don’t expect an easy win for Cueto, I believe his strikeout floor is very high against hitters he’s historically been able to strike out. It doesn’t hurt that the Dodgers were shut out yesterday and don’t look to be in any sort of early-season groove. Cueto should be good for at least six innings and I’d be a little stunned if he didn’t have a 9+ K/9 on the outing.

Other pitchers to consider: Tyler Anderson, Dallas Keuchel, Mike Foltynewicz


Best MLB DFS Hitters for March 30, 2018

Mike Trout @ OAK ($5.2k DraftKings, $4.8k FanDuel)

Okay, let’s give the GOAT a redo. After going 0-6 on Opening Day, Trout gets to face Sean Manaea, a guy who has not been able to make the leap and has allowed a .600 OBP to Trout in 15 plate appearances. With four walks, two singles, one triple, and two home runs in those appearances, Trout is poised to erase that bad first day back at the office. He’s expensive, but you can’t start fading him after one bad game. Especially when (fingers crossed) the majority of players will, as his price is still at a premium.

Anthony Rizzo @ MIA ($4.9k DraftKings, $4.0k FanDuel)

Even though he’s a left-handed pitcher, Caleb Smith allowed a .414 OBP to left-handed batters last season, compared to a .333 OBP to right-handed batters. Now, that was over nine outings, so small sample size. Anthony Rizzo is slightly less effective against left-handed pitchers, but his slugging percentage is identical (.507) against pitchers of either handedness. He went long yesterday in the season opener, and I expect his elite plate discipline to win out over the highly inexperienced Smith.

Didi Gregorious @ TOR ($3.9k DraftKings, $3.5k FanDuel)

Over the last three seasons, Aaron Sanchez has allowed opposing lefties to notch an intimidating .721 OPS compared to .604 against right-handers over the past three seasons. If I’m going with a Yankee in this one, I am inclined to avoid the right-handed hitters, instead looking at Didi Gregorious. I should say, I was looking at Brett Gardner, but his career 1-14 showing against Sanchez doesn’t inspire confidence. Last season, Gregorious earned an OPS of .848 against right-handed pitchers with a SLG% of .523. 22 of his 25 home runs came against right-handed pitchers. I like where this is headed. I predict Gregorious touches them all in game two of the 2018 MLB season.

Stephen Piscotty vs. LAA ($3.3k DraftKings, $2.1k FanDuel)

Tyler Skaggs allowed an OPS of .806 to right-handed batters last season, perpetuating the stereotype that lefties, when off their game, give opposing right-handers live game batting practice. Skaggs is young and hasn’t made the leap to become a reliable force for the Angels. As such, I’m targeting Oakland bats on this slate. Stephen Piscotty stands out, as he is the only Oakland starter who is right-handed who has a higher OPS against left-handed pitchers. If anyone would seem ready to reap the benefits of facing a South Paw, it’s Piscotty. The former Cardinals outfielder has something to prove after a disappointing stint in St. Louis.

Other hitters to consider: Ian Happ, George Springer, Brett Gardner, Kris Bryant, Ender Inciarte, Cesar Hernandez, Ozzie Albies, A.J. Pollock, Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts


MLB DFS Stacks to Consider for March 30, 2018

Athletics vs. Tyler Skaggs (Angels)
Astros vs. Doug Fister (Rangers)
Cubs vs. Caleb Smith (Marlins)
Yankees vs. Aaron Sanchez (Blue Jays)

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