Week 2 NFL Parlay Picks And Predictions

Posted By Brian Sausa on September 19, 2021 - Last Updated on September 22, 2021

The National Football League season is officially back and it serves as a reminder that one of the most popular bet types at online sportsbooks across North America are parlays.

These bets are popular throughout the year but are especially common during football season, and it’s easy to see why. Parlay betting involves combining two or more selections into the same wager in exchange for boosted odds and a larger payout. The exact odds of a parlay depend on the number of sides in addition to the odds of each one, but putting multiple selections into your bet slip will enhance your odds in some way no matter what.

There are various types of parlays out there so our goal is to show them to you, so let’s explain a bit more about these bets and then get to our Week 2 NFL parlay picks.

How Do NFL Parlays Work?

If there’s one thing that casual bettors love on a Sunday, it’s longshot NFL odds. And with so many games on the schedule and a nearly endless supply of options, parlays can be a fun and unique way to enjoy the action.

Parlays can include moneylines, point spreads, totals, alternate lines, and even props, so the possibilities are limitless. With so many games on the schedule and a truly enormous number of options, these are a fan favorite on Sundays.

When most casual bettors think of parlays, what comes to mind is huge odds and massive payouts that far exceed the original investment. While that is what gets shared all over social media anytime it happens, the overwhelming majority of these risky bets don’t turn out that way.

Every side of a parlay must hit in order to be successful. You can go 1-for-2, 2-for-3, or 9-for-10, but none of those are winning bets. A single loss eliminates the entire parlay, and that’s what makes them difficult to win. If you are going to bet parlays, we’d recommend limiting the number of selections or buying points to give yourself the best chance of winning the bet, even if the odds take somewhat of a hit.

That said, you’re obviously welcome to create a parlay of your choosing with odds as low or high as you wish, and we’ll offer a few examples. Also feel free to check out some of our other weekly NFL content, which is listed below:

Week 2 NFL Parlays | Best Parlay Bets This Week

The options are endless when it comes to parlays. There are dozens of markets and hundreds of individual options for every game, many of which can be put into a parlay. So if you aren’t interested in any of ours, visit the online sportsbook of your choice and take a crack at your own based on the many available options. After pouring over the opening slate of games, we’ll make our Week 2 NFL parlay picks.

*odds are subject to change after time of writing*

NFL Week 2 Parlays | Betting The Favorites

One popular NFL parlay strategy is to link several favorable lines together into the same bet. This could includes moneylines for big favorites in addition to alternate lines for spreads and totals.

Last week, we took three favorites straight-up but thanks to the Packers’ no-show, we came up short. This week, we’re trying something similar and getting +218 odds at BetMGM Sportsbook.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -225
  • Seattle Seahawks -225
  • Chiefs-Ravens Over 49.5 (-190)

We aren’t conducting the hype train for Pittsburgh or anything like that, but this is a favorable situation in Week 2. The Steelers get their home opener with fans back in attendance at Heinz Field against a Las Vegas team traveling across the country with less rest and preparation for one of the league’s best defenses. We like Pittsburgh to at the very least win this game in what could be a letdown spot for the Raiders.

Seattle’s new offense shut plenty of people up in Week 1 and as a result, Tennessee’s porous defense is in a world of trouble against the Seahawks. Russell Wilson probably won’t put up the video game numbers we saw from Kyler Murray in Week 1 but then again, he just might. The Titans should put up more of a fight on offense but ultimately come up short in a hostile environment.

Betting against Baltimore at home is a risky proposition, even if Patrick Mahomes is undefeated in his career in September. So instead, we’ve lowered the total by between 4.5 and 5.5 points (depending on sportsbook) and covered a couple of key numbers for a game in which we expect a decent number of points to be scored. That said, we’re go

Including the current full-game total of 55.5 (-110) at BetMGM would make this bet around +298. So always mess around with a few different options and combinations to see what kind of payout the odds yield, then make your decision. This game opened in the low 50s before rising, so we will take the hit on the odds for a better number in what will hopefully be the last leg of a winning bet.

Week 2 NFL Same Game Parlay | Lions vs. Packers Picks

Same game parlays allow you to combine a side and total from the same contest, with the ability to include select props as well. Below, we’ve combined the moneyline with an alternate total and several props to build an SGP for the Packers vs. Lions matchup on Monday, which comes out to +739 at FanDuel Sportsbook:

  • Packers -9.5 alternate spread
  • Over 44.5 alternate total
  • T.J. Hockenson 50+ Receiving Yards
  • Aaron Jones 60+ Rushing Yards

The Packers are favored by 12.5 points and they can easily win this game by two touchdowns. That said, we cover a key number by adjusting the number, and can do the same with the total. The bet is still kept strong with a healthy payout by including some other options.

Aaron Jones was unable to get anything going on the ground in Week 1 but with the Packers expected to be ahead for a while, he should get some work and cross the 60-yard threshold. As for Hockenson, Jared Goff will need a safety valve. The tight end’s receiving total is around 52 yards, so he needs to get close to win this bet for us.

Week 2 NFL Parlays | What The Sportsbooks Are Offering

Gone are the days of needing to build it yourself. Sites will now have spread/total or ML/total, many with alternate lines, to give players options. Think of these as a same-game parlay that doesn’t delve into the props.

And if none of those are for you, there are same-game parlay options at sites like FD, FK, and BetMGM where you can choose virtually any combination of side and total you want (along with many other props)

Bills ML & Over 39.5 (-105 at FanDuel): This is a great example of a sportsbook offering a pre-built wager combining the moneyline and an alternate total. The over-under is around 47.5 points but this bet strips several points away to cover a few key numbers, along with the field goal that Buffalo is favored by.

The result is what feels like a very winnable bet, albeit for around even money because of the modified lines. Buffalo is a team that throws on early downs quite often under Brian Daboll, and it’s one area the Dolphins struggled during 2020. We think this doesn’t look all that different from the 31-28 victory that Buffalo had in Week 2 last year, though we don’t need nearly as many points in this one.


Cowboys +3.5 & Over 50.5 (+175 at BetMGM): Another sportsbook known for its wide range of parlays combining teams and totals is BetMGM, so we’ve combined the spread with an alternate total for Sunday in Los Angeles. This feels like a shootout in which the team who has the ball last may very well win. In that case, we’ll take the free points with a Cowboys team that has the ability to win this game outright.


Week 2 NFL Betting Odds

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