DraftKings & FanDuel MLB Lineup Quick Thoughts for June 1, 2017

Written By Matt Brown on June 1, 2017

DFS MLB Lineups for June 1, 2017 at Draftkings.com & Fanduel.com

For this daily fantasy baseball season, each day there’s a good slate of DFS MLB games, we’ll be writing up a group of pitchers and hitters that we’re considering for our cash and GPP lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel. We’ll also provide a list of stacks to consider, MLB start times, starting pitchers, and game run totals to give you a good idea of where the fantasy goodness might come from on a given night. As with any DFS sport, the advice below is relevant for fantasy purposes. A player or team might be better or worse from a fantasy perspective than they are in real life due to matchup, price, park factor, etc. This is important when constructing a roster.

Last night was one of those nights. Seems like every decision turned out poorly. I ended up on 50% deGrom and many of the lineups that didn’t have deGrom I moved to Tanaka off of Paxton after that said he’d be on a pitch count of about 80 pitches. I reviewed the lineups, and I don’t regret the deGrom play, and have a bit of regret getting scared off of Paxton. He’s so good that even at 80ish pitches in that matchup (and price), he still had as much upside as Tanaka. But hey, today is a new day!

We’ve got a small 4 game slate and we’ll talk a little tournament strategy and some quick thoughts on where you could go to be a little different.  – Matt 

A quick reminder while playing DFS MLB, don’t forget baseball is a game of variance. You can make a really solid lineup and still fall short of the cash line. Even Clayton Kershaw can get lit up, and Mike Trout can still go 0 for 4. Baseball is funny like that. Trust the process and know that if you’re playing quality lineups, you’ll be a winner in the long term.

Another thing to remember outside of making sure your player is in the lineup, is to always check the weather. Always. Make this something that is part of your basic routine. Baseball games can get postponed! Your players receive no points from postponed games!


DraftKings Fastball: $33 buy-in, $160k guaranteed  
DraftKings Perfect Game: $333 buy-in, $110k guaranteed     
DraftKings Four Seamer: $4 buy-in, $125k guaranteed (20 Entry Max)  
FanDuel Monster: $415 buy-in, $100k guaranteed
FanDuel Squeeze: $4 buy-in, $150k guaranteed 
FanDuel Grand Slam: $25 buy-in, $60k guaranteed

From a pitching perspective, I plan to go high variance to try and separate myself from the field. That leads me to Eduardo Rodriguez and his 26.6% strikeout rate. The Orioles are a potent offense, that is for sure. But they still strike out against lefties at a 24% clip. And if you’re worried about the right handed power, he’s held righties to a .271 wOBA so far in 2017. Could the Orioles get to him tonight? Sure. But with Zack Greinke and Marco Estrada getting all the ownership tonight at SP1, I’ll go Rodriguez and pair him with Alex Meyer and/or Adalberto Mejia and feel good about the decision as I’ll be one of the few on these pairings.

On the batter side of things, I’ll fade the Red Sox even though they’re in the best spot of anyone on the night. On a four game slate, I always pick out the team that is going to be the chalk, and scratch them off my list. Could a Red Sox stack against Wade Miley win a GPP tonight? You better believe it. However, with baseball being so incredibly high variance, I’ll hope Miley pulls off one of his Houdini starts and holds them to 2-4 runs without anybody going nuts. It’s strictly a game theory/contrarian play, but one that has been profitable for me over the long haul on very short slates.

– As for who I will roster, I’ll be #TeamDiamondbacks and #TeamBlueJays (with a few Yankees sprinkled in). I’ll be on the Diamondbacks because I love their right hand heavy lineup against Jeff Locke. I’m not worried about the park downgrade as the guys I’ll be rostering heavily (Goldschmidt, Tomas, Lamb) all have the power to hit it out of Marlins Park. And while Lamb has been pedestrian against lefties, the though here is that Locke doesn’t make it very far into this game and then he gets to feast on the bullpen. As for Blue Jays, game log watchers are going to look at CC Sabathia’s last few starts and think he’s good again. I do not think he’s good again. Give me all the Jays.

Lineup Notes: If you can’t stay away from the Red Sox (again, great play, just chalk central), Chris Young is batting second at just $3.5k on DK, and Sam Travis is batting fifth at just $2.9k on DK. You can just do whatever you want from there. The Yankees moved Aaron Judge up to third in the order from fifth where he’s been most of the time here lately. Giancarlo Stanton is back in the lineup for the Marlins and hitting second.

Game Total Notes: Despite the plush matchup for the Red Sox, the Blue Jays actually have the highest implied total on the night at 5 runs, up from the opening line of 4.8 runs. The Marlins have a slate low 3.9 run implied total. And perhaps a boost to the Eduardo Rodriguez play, the Orioles implied total has dropped from the opening 4.5 total to 4.3 runs. The biggest drop in implied run total belongs to the Twins who opened at 4.4 runs and currently sit at 4.1 runs.

Good luck everyone!

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